“R” Little Red Schoolhouse Museum

Bennington Township Schoolhouse #5 is representative of the more than 9,000 rural schools that once dotted Iowa. Consolidations eliminated these one-room schools by 1966, but this building survives as a reminder of early education in the state.  It was built in 1909, replacing an older building, and originally stood in the center of Bennington Township, four miles east of U.S. Highway #63 on the Dunkerton Road and then two miles North, near St. Johns Lutheran Church.  Thus it was known as “Center School,” and because of its location was used as the voting place for the township.   The Black Hawk County Conservation Board purchased the building in 1966 for $1,000 from Donald Sage. It was moved to Black Hawk Park, Cedar Falls, IA, in 1968 and given a new foundation and roof. At that time restoration work was undertaken by several local groups, most notably the Cedar Falls teachers, who chose this resource as their Bicentennial project in 1976.   In the fall of 1987, the search for a new home began and in a short time, a site was designated in the Riverfront Beautification area near the Ice House Museum at First and Clay Streets. The building was moved on October 6, 1988, to its present location and is now known as “R” Little Red School House Museum.

another reason why we belong to and support HSLDA

     On Thursday, January 27, 2011, the Home School Legal Defense Association made the following report:

Appellate Briefs Filed in Arizona Illegal-Search Case

     In March of 2005, two social workers and six deputy sheriffs descended on the home of John and Tiffany Loudermilk to “investigate” a two-month-old anonymous tip that their house was unsafe for children. After almost an hour of threats, the social workers finally threatened to take all of their children into custody if not allowed inside. The Loudermilks reluctantly agreed. The assembled officials took less than five minutes to determine that the allegations in the anonymous report were false.

     HSLDA reviewed the case and sued the social workers, their attorney, and four of the deputies for violating the Loudermilks’ Fourth Amendment right to be free from unreasonable searches. We also sued the social workers for threatening to remove their children without justification.

     The judge denied the defendants’ motions to dismiss in September 2007, and then denied their motions for summary judgment in March 2010. The deputies appealed, claiming that they should be immune from liability because, they said, the right to be free from unreasonable searches was not clear enough for them to realize that threatening to remove a child if not allowed inside the home violated the Fourth Amendment.

     In HSLDA’s answering brief, we argued that the law has been clearly established for at least 10 years, ever since we successfully sued social workers on behalf of the Calabretta family in a similar case. We also demonstrated that any reasonable officer should know that threatening to remove a child to gain the “cooperation” of the parents is inherently coercive and that the officers should have known so at the time.

     Within the next few weeks the appellate court will either decide the case or will schedule oral argument. In the meantime, proceedings in the trial court are on hold.

     For more homeschool news visit: http://www.hslda.org

     Note:  I normally support law enforcement officials in their efforts to keep us safe, but “the right to be free from unreasonable searches was not clear enough for them to realize that threatening to remove a child if not allowed inside the home violated the Fourth Amendment”?  You’ve got to be kidding!  It’s as plain as the Constitution!  I wonder if this office is run by the same sheriff who made the stupid remarks about the congresswoman being shot because of “right wing” talk radio.

The Old Schoohouse Expo

Hello Friends,

Here we are at the beginning of the 2nd semester of school and most are wondering, Am I doing this right? , Do I have what I need to finish this journey?  Well, do not be despaired, TOS is here! And we bring you Homeschooling with Heart Schoolhouse Expo!

Come recharge your heart at the Schoolhouse Expo.

     The Homeschooling with Heart Expo will give you tips, tricks, and tools to enhance all phases of your homeschool journey, from the preschool and elementary years to high school, college, and beyond.

     In addition to the privilege of attending approximately 20 live, hour-long sessions, this spring the Schoolhouse Expo introduces two new fabulous tracks:

     · The High School track offers practical and informative sessions by speakers whose expertise lies in the area of higher education. Encourage your high school student to join us too?we have some great things in store! If you currently are teaching a middle school student, this track should prepare you to successfully homeschool through the high school years.

     · Our second unique session track is the Entrepreneur/Work at Home track. Are you interested in exploring family opportunities for home-based businesses or working at home? You?ll be informed and inspired as you hear from individuals who have practical tips and success stories to share with you!

     Enjoy an impressive lineup of 16 dynamic speakers: authors, teachers, business owners, and researchers, from the comfort of your own home — sipping tea or coffee, while wearing your pajamas! You will receive a one-year membership to the Homeschool Legal Advantage and a free will, valued at $65; 21 downloadable gifts worth more than $200; access to MP3 files of the sessions, for future reference; door prizes; access to a virtual vendor hall jam-packed with the market?s most outstanding vendors; and a whole lot of fun!

     Right now, you can buy your ticket to the live 2011 Schoolhouse Expo for an amazing price! Purchase your ticket by February 9th, and receive a $20 discount and gifts (valued over $419.87) for only $19.50!

     This special offer won’t last long! The Early Bird Sale ends February 9 at 11:59 p.m. We’d love to have everyone there, but space at the Schoolhouse Expo is limited. Tickets for the live conference are available on a first come, first served basis?we only have a limited number of tickets. Our May 2010 conference sold out within a few weeks. We want you to join us, so make plans to pick up your ticket during the Early Bird Sale! Get all the details here!

     We want you to join us, May 16-20!

One reason why many of us appreciate HSLDA

     There are some in the homeschool community who just do not like the Home School Legal Defense Association.  Most of them object to the fact that, while HSLDA is committed to defend the right of all people to homeschool, the organization is built upon an obvious religious and political foundation with which they strongly disagree.  They often say that in order to keep the right to homeschool “pure” it should be kept away from any religious or political agenda.  However, for many of us our homeschooling is a religious function, and like it or not homeschooling is often a political item that is fought out in the halls of legislatures and other government entities.  And it’s also true that one  major party (Republican) tends to support homeschooling while the other major party (Democrat) tends, because of its funding by the teachers unions, to oppose it.  Anyway, many of us who homeschool do agree with the basic religious and political thrusts of HSLDA, so we support it and deeply appreciate the work that it does on behalf of homeschoolers.  Here is one example:

HSLDA Helps Family Avoid Truancy Charges

     When a Colorado family’s special needs son began struggling in public school, the parents decided to homeschool him. Having maintained good communication with the public school, the family thought that verbal notification of their son’s withdrawal was sufficient. However, the district homeschool coordinator and attendance advocate insisted that the family submit a description of their curriculum before they would formally change his student status in the system. They gave the family a deadline, stating that if they did not receive acceptable information, they would initiate truancy proceedings.

     The family contacted HSLDA for advice. Staff attorney Mike Donnelly sent a letter to the attendance advocate explaining that truancy charges were unwarranted, not only because the family was in compliance with Colorado’s homeschool law but also because they had decided to homeschool at the end of the previous year and did not even send their son to public school in August 2010.

     For the next month, HSLDA mediated communication between the family and the district. Finally, shortly before Christmas, HSLDA received written confirmation that the matter was concluded with no curriculum submission or truancy proceedings necessary.

be careful where you send your kids to college

     First, there were co-ed dorms.  Now there are “gender neutral” dorms.  What in the world are these?  These excerpts from an article entitled “Gender Neutral Housing” by Ashley Herzog at TownHall.com will help to explain.

      Earlier this year, Ohio University announced a new pilot program for gender-neutral housing, which has become all the rage on college campuses. The program allows people of “all genders” to live together in the dorms.

     Some of my older readers might assume this is just a lame attempt by middle-aged administrators to seem cool by allowing male and female students to shack up together. You’d be wrong. These days, gender-neutral housing is mostly a bow to LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) students who demand their own special dorms. OU’s student newspaper praised the “progressive step,” which is mostly meant “to accommodate those students who identify as transgender.”

     The idea that college life is so tough for gay and transgendered students that they need separate housing is preposterous. Far from being uniquely oppressed, the LGBT contingent is often the most catered-to of any group on campus. Administrators go to great lengths to satisfy these students while simultaneously nurturing a victimhood complex.

     In other words, your son may be forced to room with a homosexual student or your daughter with a lesbian student in order to promote “diversity,” and any attempt to refuse, change, or even oppose such a pairing would be looked upon as denying the rights of the LGBT student.

Will the leftist, social-engineering educrats listen? probably not!

     One of the reasons that the homeschooling movement took off so sharply in the 1980s was the rise of “preschool to graduation” sex education of a “morally neutral” (translation–IMMORAL!) nature in public schools.  The agenda was developed by such paragons of virtue as Planned Parenthood and other secular humanist run organizations (talk about the fox guarding the hen house!).  It was palmed off on to an unsuspecting public by claiming that it would reduce unwanted teen pregnancies, venereal diseases, and even abortions.  Well, IT DID NOT, but the promoters have been pushing for even more detailed and explicit sex education at younger and younger ages.  And, of course, teachers can’t tell students anything about what’s right or wrong, only give them “the facts” (as the humanists see it) and let young, inexperienced, immature children “make their own decisions” (often telling them to do so without consulting parents, religious leaders, or others who could steer them in the right direction).  Well, what does the public think about this?

     In an item entitled “Survey abundantly clear – leave sex ed to parents” by Bill  Bumpas of OneNewsNow on 1/19/2011, we are told that a new study reveals that just about all parents believe they should be the ones who primarily teach their children about sex.

     A study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health (abstract) says that researchers interviewed 1,600 parents of school-aged children from Minnesota between September 2006 and March 2007.  Practically all (98%) of the parents said children should get most information on sexuality from parents.
     Chad Hills, analyst for sexual health and abstinence education with Focus on the Family’s CitizenLink, agrees that sex education begins in the home.

     “Who else besides a parent knows the family values, their religious beliefs, [their] family principles regarding morals in relation to sexuality?” he asks. “And most importantly, who else knows the heart of their child better than the parent?”
     In the study, parents were asked to pick two options regarding where young people should get most of their information about sex. The study results had teachers in second at 58 percent, followed by healthcare professionals at 43 percent and religious leaders at 30 percent.
     However the study also revealed that parents believe most youngsters get their information from friends and media — a red flag for Hills because, as he points out, that more than likely means promiscuity is encouraged.
     “Any time you take sex outside the God-given context of marriage, you’ve got to realize it’s going to spread disease, it’s going to create unwed mothers [and] children without fathers,” he cautions. “It destroys lives; it destroys futures.
     The pro-family analyst says parents must find a way to break the ice and talk to their children about sex.

      Note:  While it appears that most parents would prefer that their children get their information about sex at home rather than public schools, it appears that far too many of them have just been too weak-kneed to oppose the leftist, secular humanist, social-engineering class of educrats who control the public schools and have been pushing and promoting “values neutral” sex education in the schools for years.  Maybe the tide is starting to turn!

New Miss America homeschooled

     First of all, I don’t necessarily approve of “beauty pageants,” although some of my opposition has been lessened since many of them have removed the “swim-suit competition” phase.  However, while many probably already know this, I just want to report a fact.  The morning after the Miss America pageant, when I heard on the news that the winner planned to attend Patrick Henry College, I wondered if she were homeschooled.  Of course, one doesn’t have to be a homeschooled student to attend Patrick Henry College, but it is the first college founded by and primarily for homeschoolers.  My hunch proved correct.

     On 1/16/11 our friend Cathy Mullins, a homeschool mom and leader of a homeschool support group in St. Louis, MO, sent out the following note:
     Hi everyone!

     I just found out that Teresa Scanlan,  The new Miss America,  was a homeschooler, and will be attending Patrick Henry Universtiy ( started by HSLDA founder Micheal Farris).

     Check out her website:  http://teresastravelsandtidbits.blogspot.com/p/bio.html

     Be sure to click on the BLOG tab too and read why she felt called by God to compete.

     I sure hope she has not compromised herself in any way that will show up later (like many other beauty contestants).  If she truly loves the Lord, she will have so many opportunities to share the gospel!!!!  Awesome!

     This was confirmed by an Associated Press item dated 1/18/2011 entitled ” New Miss America says God gives her a purpose,” which began, “The newly-crowned Miss America, 17-year-old Teresa Scanlan, is a mostly home-schooled Christian who pointed heavenward when she was announced as the winner Saturday night.”
     The item concluded that after her year as Miss America, Scanlan plans to attend Patrick Henry College — a Christian school in Virginia — where she’ll study government and work toward a career in law or politics.