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Three more items you may be interested in

     School shooter studied Hamas, says friend: On Feb. 22, 2008, WorldNetDaily reported that a former Northern Illinois University newspaper reporter says the killer who gunned down five innocent students in an apparently unprovoked attack liked to study Arabic and the terror group Hamas. "’Assalamo alikum,’ he [Steve Kazmierczak] would say to me, which means ‘peace be with you’ in Arabic," wrote Rasmieyh Abdelnabi in an essay published in the Chicago Sun-Times. "He would proceed to ask me how I was doing and what I was up to, all in Arabic with a thick accent and a huge, excited smile," she continued. She said the two met in class at the university, took several classes together over the years, and periodically kept in touch when they didn’t share classes. "Our topics of choice: foreign policy and the Middle East. He would especially enjoy practicing his Arabic on me. In 2004, NIU decided to offer a year’s worth of Arabic classes. Steve took both classes without hesitation, excited as could be," she wrote. "Once we took a course called ‘The Politics of the Middle East.’ At the beginning of the course, our instructor informed us a research paper would be due by the end of the semester. Steve decided on Hamas, which is known mainly to the world as being a Palestinian terrorist group, which was the first thing that interested Steve about the group. But he also heard Hamas funded many social services, which also interested him. How could one group be put into two completely different categories, Steve would ask," she wrote. "Unlike most of us, Steve started his research from day one, reading every book he could find on Hamas. He’d give me a status report when we saw each other in class. Steve said that his perception of Hamas changed with all the research he did," she said. Hundreds of witnesses are being interviewed, but university officials have said it’s unclear of Kazmierczak’s reasons. On a blog called Muslim Watcher, writer Bruce Keegan noted Abdelnabi was the women’s representative in the Muslim Student Association at NIU.

     Hollywood salutes its WMDs: [Pat Boone, a descendant of the legendary pioneer Daniel Boone, has been a top-selling recording artist, the star of his own hit TV series, a movie star, a Broadway headliner, and a best-selling author in a career that has spanned half a century. During the classic rock & roll era of the 1950s, he sold more records than any artist except Elvis Presley. I have not always agreed with everything that Boone has done, but I appreciate his stand for decency. On Feb. 22, 2008, he wrote a commentary for World Net Daily, from which these remarks are taken.] Well, I’ve sent in my Oscar ballot. I’m a singer, an actor, a "member of the Academy," an entertainer. Believe it or not, for a while in the early part of my career, I was one of the top-10 box office stars, along with my pal Elvis. I’ve loved being in this unpredictable, exciting, universally influential phenomenon called entertainment. But this year, as in the last several years, I’ve voted with great misgivings. When Elvis and I came into the business, we and the producers and the studio execs were all aiming at the vast "family audience," the moms and dads who gathered their kids on a Friday or Saturday night and headed to the local movie theater. Of course, we hoped to appeal to the teens, but we were aware that real success depended on our entertaining the whole age range – and certainly not offending parents by "going over the line," sexually or morally in any way. No nudity, no profanity, no brutality and absolutely no explicit, graphic sex scenes. We had hit movies, one after another. Big bucks, huge audiences, worldwide acclaim. And the movie business itself was prospering like never before, with weekend family attendance a predictable ritual. I had "April Love" and "State Fair" and "Journey To The Center of The Earth," while Elvis had "Love Me Tender," "King Creole," "Blue Hawaii" and many more. There was no "X" rating, or even "PG"; movies were for the whole family, and families all over the world ate ’em up and envied the glorious country they reflected. All that has changed, drastically. Today the movie studios belch forth silly, raunchy, titillating teen schlock, "chick flicks" (soapy, sexy women’s stories), and over-violent car chase or bloodletting fantasies. Or they give us all-out soft porn – morbid, taboo-busting and hopelessly dark productions clearly intended to appeal to every base instinct known to man. The current "horror films" manage to combine all these elements into a mindless sensory blitz of blood, sex, violence and fear, a modern American staple. I don’t think it’s a stretch to call many of Hollywood’s latest films – including the nominated ones this year – WMDs. Why? Well, what’s the definition of a WMD? The term still doesn’t appear in most dictionaries, but the name itself tells you: It’s a weapon, by its nature destructive, and it’s aimed at masses of people. Right? So look at what most of this year’s Oscar nominees, for sad example, are accomplishing. All are beautifully produced and powerfully acted; they are fashioned and marketed by giant studio machines; and, because of their negative messages and content, they are like guided missiles. And the combination of major stars, provocative advertising and millions spent on marketing around the world effectively targets the masses. It’s the payload, the content, that makes them so destructive. I’m still a member of the Academy, so I get DVDs of almost all the films that are clamoring for nomination, in order to vote knowledgeably. I’m no prude, for Pete’s sake, but this year I could only find five to vote for in any category, and some I quit watching after 10 minutes! … These are just some of the "cream" films, the ones the industry likes most, but there are scores of others that racked up big grosses and millions of viewers worldwide – films that absolutely undermine the honor and integrity of our leaders, our military, our business leaders, and even Christian ministers and churchgoers. Why do I refer to all these classy-looking but decadent films as WMDs? Because, while they rack up tremendous profits and self-acclaim, they cause as much permanent damage to America’s reputation and standing around the world as would neutron bombs! They contribute to the immorality and degradation of Judeo-Christian principles among young people everywhere, much like poison gas released in cities, subways, high schools and places of worship. Instead of extolling America, our long-established way of life, our freedoms and ingenuity and commitments to valor, our neighborliness and our pursuits of legitimate happiness – as Hollywood used to do in history’s most successful films – the industry seems intent on fulfilling the fondest hopes and expressed aims of the Communists in the 1950s… As an actor, as an American, I’m dismayed. As we watch the Oscars, I’ll be remembering the Psalmist’s observance: "The wicked freely strut about When what is vile is honored among men."

     More on Hollywood–Parents Group Calls for ‘Dexter’ Boycott: The Parents Television Council has called for advertisers to boycott Dexter, the Showtime series now also airing on parent network CBS, because of its violent nature. The show stars Michael C. Hall as a forensics expert who doubles as a serial killer. The PTC has asked CBS affiliates to pre-empt the show, which started airing an edited version of the popular pay channel series on Feb. 17. ”Despite countless public calls for restraint and corporate responsibility, CBS broke its own promise to the public that it would employ careful editing and accurate ratings guidelines for Dexter,” said PTC president Tim Winter. ”Depictions of violence were barely altered from the Showtime network original format.” Among the companies who ran ads in the first episode on CBS were Capital One, Macy’s, Pfizer, Burger King, and assorted movie studios. CBS had no response to the PTC’s most recent complaints about the show but has in the past assured that it would edit the show to comply with broadcast standards and give it an appropriate V-chip rating. (from the Hollywood Reporter).

another item you might find of interest

     Evolution and school violence—a sad connection?: People have been shocked in recent times at the outbreak of violence in public schools in America and around the world. Some schools have installed metal detectors to try to curb such violent behavior. What does evolution have to do with this sad—and shocking—situation? What we see happening is the end result of an education system that has effectively eliminated God from the classroom. When you think about it, generations of young people are being brainwashed each day in evolutionary ideas. They are being told that they are nothing special—they are just animals that have evolved from some primitive form of life over millions of years. The more society as a whole thinks this way, the more people will act consistently with what they’ve been taught. If life is not special, then it has no value. If there’s no God, and thus no absolute authority, then anyone can decide right and wrong for themselves. Most of the students probably don’t realize the connection of violence with evolution (though some have)—but underneath it all, this anti-God belief system has subtly caused them to think life is hopeless and without any purpose. (—Taken from newsletter; Feb. 23, 2008).

Two items I hope you find of interest

     More evidence that Western Civilization is in decline: While we were in Florida recently, something that happened just about seven miles from where we live made national (and even international) news, where a man entered a Kirkwood, MO, city council meeting with a gun, killed five people, injured several others including the mayor, and then took his own life. Then, just a week later, more headlines said "Seven dead, including gunman at northern Illinois college campus." The gunman who killed five people (later reports corrected the initial headline) in a Northern Illinois University lecture hall before committing suicide was identified Friday as 27-year-old former student Steven Kazmierczak, according to Florida authorities and a university official familiar with the investigation. Investigators and school officials did not immediately know why the man fired on a geology class with a shotgun and two handguns before committing suicide. The shooter had been a graduate student in sociology at Northern Illinois as recently as spring 2007, but was not currently enrolled at the 25,000-student campus, University President John Peters said. DeKalb County Coroner Dennis J. Miller on Friday released the identities of the four victims who died in his county: Daniel Parmenter, 20, of Westchester; Catalina Garcia, 20, of Cicero; Ryanne Mace, 19, of Carpentersville; and Julianna Gehant, 32, of Meridan. Another victim died after being transfered to a hospital in another county, Miller said in a news release. The Northern Illinois shooting was the fourth at a U.S. school within a week, following attacks in Baton Rouge, LA; Memphis, TN; and Oxnard, CA. And don’t forget the Virginia Tech massacre last year. The gunman also wounded 15 people in the Illinois attack, which sent panicked students fleeing for the exits. Even the next day, the motive of the killer was still not known, officials said. I know that people have been killing other people since the time of Cain, but one must wonder why, in the history of our nation, is it now that we are seeing such so much more uncontrolled rage being taken out in mass murders. I do not claim to be an expert, but my observations over the past half-century lead me to the following conclusions. We have convinced an entire generation or two of young people through the teaching of evolution as a fact in public schools that they are merely animals who are simply a little higher on the evolutionary scale. We have cheapened human life with the legalization of abortion and the push for euthanasia. We have espoused a post-modern philosophy, built upon atheistic humanism, which argues that there is no God so that we are not accountable to anyone and everyone is free to do as he pleases with the resultant general attitude of "who cares?" Is it any wonder that these kinds of events are occurring? In fact, what is even more of a wonder is that such events are not occurring more regularly!

     Free PDF opposing "latest and greatest" evolutionary arguments: John Maddocks, a homeschooling father and gospel preacher living in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, shared the following information on Feb. 19. "I received the message below from, Creation Ministries International, this morning." Here it is. "By sharing this email (with its link to Sarfati’s web booklet, below) with as many folk as you can, and asking them to do the same, this powerful information can arm and equip many believers. And we pray that many eyes will be opened to seeing the logical and scientific fallacies of the `goo to you’ philosophy. See our web response called Science, Creation and Evolutionism ( ) that refutes the NAS (National Academy of Sciences) publication. A PDF booklet for you to forward is available here ( )." John added, "Again, the free PDF book by Dr. Jonathan Sarfati, refuting the NAS is available at this link:

This is for your own personal study brethren, and should be studied carefully and prayerfully. I am in no way affiliated with Creation Ministries International, but I have benefited from their periodical and writings. Let us all pray for one another, and share the Good News with all!"

Interesting items from World Net Daily

     Facts that contradict evolution face ban muzzled! On Feb. 12, 2008, WorldNetDaily reported that the state of Florida is considering a new science teaching standard that presumes the accuracy of the theory of evolution, much to the consternation of parents and other leaders who say society too often already has been embarrassed by such "Flat Earth Society" thinking. At issue is a set of standards that will be considered by the state Board of Education that will mandate the teaching of evolution as fact and, essentially, forbid the discussion of facts that may contradict that theory. Fred Cutting, a retired aerospace engineer who served on the state’s Science Standards Framers Committee because of his expertise in biology, specifically species origins and the human genome project, said, "The proposed standards [for evolution] … presume ideas to be facts and leave no opportunity to study them beyond their narrow presentation." He found the treatment of evolution "very one-sided, bias[ed] and narrow in its final views." Neal Ganzel Jr., a minister in Ormond Beach, FL, wasn’t so restrained in his criticism of the emphasis the new standards place on evolutionary theory. He called Darwinian science the "reigning" theory of the day but said the committee members "arrogantly assume that this one theory is the final and only model for the explanation of the existence and variety of species…" John Stemberger, chief of the Florida Family Policy Council, told WND the "Neaderthals" are fighting hard to prevent the introduction of information into public schools that would contradict their belief in evolution. "It’s apparent that evolution has become almost like one of the prongs of the Apostles’ Creed for the secular humanists. They guard it as if they were guarding a doctrinal truth," he said. "They’re not open to discussion and debate and examination of evidence." Parent Kim Kendall, formerly an air traffic controller and now a homemaker, said her frustration from having such standards considered was surpassed only by the fact state officials apparently do not want even to hear concerns. "It is simply remarkable that the very people who are making this decision are refusing to hear directly from the people whose children’s lives and educations are being affected by these standards." The Jacksonville Times-Union reported that school boards in the northeastern part of the state are objecting collectively, endorsing resolutions that urge the state to back down from the new standards promoting "evolution," not the "theory" of evolution. Nassau Supt. John Ruis said the theory of evolution has many holes, and having the state present it as an undisputed fact "is certainly contrary to the beliefs of many people, including myself." How to present such information should be left to local districts, said Clay Supt. David Owens. "I believe in the separation of church and state, but I also believe there is important information available on both sides of [evolution]. To present it in just one way is wrong." The Orlando Sentinel reported that more than 10,000 people have logged onto the state website to denounce, or praise, the science blueprint. The newspaper’s own forum on the issue had collected nearly 1,000 comments, ranging from Woody Smith’s endorsement of evolution: "Evolution by natural selection is an established PRINCIPLE of science – the fact that it is still called a ‘theory’ seems to imply to some ignorant people that it is somehow in doubt. … It is supported by the fossil record. It has been observed in the laboratory. It has been observed in nature. It has been supported by advances in genetic science. NO evidence whatsoever has ever been discovered to contradict it." But Bob W. followed with a different perspective. "Evolution has never qualified as anything more than a theory. The theory caters to secular thought and the presupposition that man is the highest order of all beings. But the problem is that none of what the theory promotes has ever been observed, much less proved. No transitional forms, no new species and no new anything. … Evolution is such a mass of mumbo (sixty billon years ago) jumbo (the mountain turned upside down), that most folks taught this stuff still have no idea of what it is. They have to replay their Jurassic Park DVD to refresh their memory. Think of the markets that feed off this nonsense and folk’s pocketbooks. Well, gotta go. Two Yugos just wrecked outside my window and I want to see the new Caddies that resulted – that’s evolution."

     More from WorldNetDaily–Get out of public schools, campaign warns: Also on Feb. 12, 2008, WorldNetDaily daily reported, "If you care about your children, homeschool, find a Christian school, participate in a homeschool coop, pay the tuition, drive an older car, whatever is necessary to keep them out of California’s public school system. That’s the message from a new campaign, assembled under the Rescue Your Child slogan. And it’s all because the California Legislature and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger worked together to establish Senate Bill 777 and Assembly Bill 394 as law, plans that institutionalize the promotion of homosexuality, bisexuality, transgenderism and other alternative lifestyle choices." Randy Thomasson, chief of the Campaign for Children and Families and a leader in the movement to withdraw what supporters pray will be up to 600,000 children from public districts in the state, said "First, [California] law allowed public schools to voluntarily promote homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexuality. Then, the law required public schools to accept homosexual, bisexual, and transsexual teachers as role models for impressionable children. Now, the law has been changed to effectively require the positive portrayal of homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexuality to six million children in California government-controlled schools." Officials said SB 777 "functionally requires public school instructional materials and school-sponsored activities to positively portray cross-dressing, sex-change operations, homosexual ‘marriages,’ and all aspects of homosexuality and bisexuality, including so-called ‘gay history.’" The second bill, AB 394, "requires public schools to distribute controversial material to teachers, students, and parents which promotes transsexuality, bisexuality, and homosexuality, all under the guise of ‘anti-harassment’ training." Even insiders joined in the call for an abandonment of California’s public districts. Veteran public school teacher Nadine Williams of Torrance said the sexual indoctrination laws have motivated her to keep her grandchildren out of the very public schools she used to support. Caron Strong, a single mother from Los Angeles, said her daughter now will be homeschooled. Parents Anthony and Yvette Whitcher of Los Alamitos and Marty Gobel of Laguna Hills said they are looking into turn-key curriculum programs such as Alpha Omega Publications, CLASS and Bob Jones University Press. "For those parents who are not able to homeschool, most private Christian schools have financial aid available to help parents out," said David Baker, a former public school district principal and administrator and now chief of Capistrano Valley Christian schools. "Parents often have to prioritize what are the most important things in their lives. Parents would give up purchasing new cars or going on expensive vacations. So their children come first in their lives. It is possible to homeschool or enter into a relationship witih a Christian school." Joseph Rispoli, a former teacher who runs National University-Model School in Tustin said, "Our school, NAUMS, a blend of traditional school and also homeschool, is at least half the cost of a traditional private school. So there are other alternatives." And Heidi St. John, of First Class Homeschool Ministries said, "We help churches plant homeschool cooperatives. We have a proven program that any church can put into their ministry. Parents come one day a week and offer classes to the children, therefore building a community of homeschoolers." California parents, Thomasson said, already are becoming aware of the dangers their children face. "They’re calling and asking how they can homeschool. They’re calling private schools, they’re calling church schools. They’re getting ready to exist the dysfunctional, sexually indoctrinating public school system."

     And one more from WorldNetDaily–Thus ends Western Civilization: On Feb. 8, 2008 Joseph Farah, founder, editor and CEO of WND and a nationally syndicated columnist with Creators Syndicate, wrote, "The London Daily Mail reports this week that one in four Britons don’t believe Prime Minister Winston Churchill actually existed. They suspect he is a mythical character, rather than a historical one. Likewise, they think historical figures such as Florence Nightingale, Sir Walter Raleigh, Mahatma Gandhi and Cleopatra were also fictional personalities created for literature or films. On the other hand, they believe Sherlock Holmes was a real person. You can laugh about a survey like this, but I suspect we should all be very, very angry about it – at least the three-quarters of us who understand Churchill was not only a real guy but an important one in the history of Western Civilization. In fact, he wrote the book on Western Civilization – the classic ‘A History of the English-Speaking Peoples.’ These results are even more stunning when you consider that about one-quarter of Britain’s population was alive when Winston Churchill was around! But how would the rest of today’s Brits know about this? Who was supposed to tell them? Where were they supposed to learn the basics of modern history? For that matter, if Americans were polled, I suspect their performance would be even more humiliating. That’s because education is in shambles. I doubt very much if government-paid school teachers in either the U.S. or United Kingdom would know more than the general population. That would be an interesting poll. But I won’t hold my breath waiting for CNN or ABC or the New York Times to commission it any time soon. They’re too busy lobbying for more government spending and control over education. It seems you just can’t get too much of a failed thing. And FAILED, with a capital F, is the only way to grade our modern, top-down, command-and-control, politically correct, centralized government mis-education system. Having failed children and parents for 20, 30, 40 years now, our very way of life is threatened as a result. From Western Civilization sprang the unique and relatively new idea of self-government – that individual people are best suited to run their own lives, to govern themselves freely and with minimal interference from government….We’re headed into the gutter – into the sewer. Western Civilization is in real trouble. It is under attack. It is under siege. It’s about to go out not with a bang, but with a whimper. No one is even fighting for it any more. No one is championing it. No one is explaining what will replace it. Please heed this warning: There is only one thing likely to fill the vacuum when it goes. It’s called tyranny. You can call it other names – fascism, communism, socialism. They’re all the same. They all mean people will be disempowered in favor of elites. After all, only the elites will be equipped intellectually to make the tough decisions. That’s the way it happens. So, it’s no laughing matter that one-quarter of Britons don’t even realize Winston Churchill was a real person. It’s one of those signposts on the road to tyranny."

Items from Answers in Genesis and American Family Association

     And one more from AiG–Is science impossible without evolution?: Some evolutionists have argued that science isn’t possible without evolution. They teach that science and technology actually require the principles of molecules-to-man evolution in order to work. They claim that those who hold to a biblical creation worldview are in danger of not being able to understand science! Critical thinkers will realize that these kinds of arguments are quite ironic because evolution is actually contrary to the principles of science. That is, if evolution were true, the concept of science would not make sense. Science actually requires a biblical creation framework in order to be possible. Science presupposes that the universe is logical and orderly and that it obeys mathematical laws that are consistent over time and space. Even though conditions in different regions of space and eras of time are quite diverse, there is nonetheless an underlying uniformity. Scientists are able to make predictions only because there is uniformity as a result of God’s sovereign and consistent power. Scientific experimentation would be pointless without uniformity; we would get a different result every time we performed an identical experiment, destroying the very possibility of scientific knowledge. Evolutionists are able to do science only because they are inconsistent. They accept biblical principles such as uniformity, while simultaneously denying the Bible from which those principles are derived. (taken from newsletter, Feb. 16, 2008).

     AFA will not bow down to a threat from a liberal left-wing group: Donald Wildmon of the American Family Association recently reported that The Rev. Barry Lynn, the executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, has asked that the Internal Revenue Service investigate the American Family Association. Lynn says that AFA has violated IRS rules by distributing a voters guide. For years, Rev. Lynn and his Americans United, along with groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union and People for the American Way, have used threats to silence Christians in an attempt to take away their First Amendment rights. The tragedy is that he has been successful in silencing thousands of ministers. Wildmon said, "Let me make one thing clear to Rev. Lynn and his cohorts. We have no intention of bowing down to his threatening demands. Rev. Lynn is mistaken if he thinks his threat will scare this minister from exercising his First Amendment rights." Lynn has also included a threat to churches. As a minister, I have received such letters from AUSCS. Trying to scare ministers from exercising their rights, Lynn said: "Any church that distributes these biased guides is risking its tax exemption and casting aside its integrity." The AFA Voters Guide was developed by three constitutional lawyers and reviewed by three more constitutional lawyers following Rev. Lynn’s threat. All agreed that the voters guide is perfectly legal. The Alliance Defense Fund has offered to represent (free of charge) churches or organizations which distribute the voter’s guide and encounter opposition from either Lynn or the IRS. I wonder when the AUSCS will start going after non-profit homeschooling organizations who may provide information about how candidates stand on homeschooling?

     More from AFA about AUSCS–Americans United trying to stop resolution proclaiming "American Religious History Week": Wildmon also recently reported that this liberal group opposes recognition of our religious heritage! He said, "Americans United for Separation of Church and State has begun a campaign to defeat a resolution proclaiming the first week in May as ‘American Religious History Week.’ Remember, this is a non-binding resolution, not a bill before Congress." Representative Randy Forbes of Virginia has introduced a resolution proclaiming the first week in May as "American Religious History Week." The resolution, H. Res. 888, declares its two-fold purpose: "Affirming the rich spiritual and religious history of our Nation’s founding and subsequent history and expressing support for designation of the first week in May as ‘American Religious History Week’ for the appreciation of and education on American’s history of religious faith." Homeschooling provides parents with the opportunities and tools to combat this attack on our nation’s religious heritage as they teach their children.

     TV keeps becoming a vaster and vaster wasteland: The TV Land network has a new feature which started on Sat. Feb. 16 called "OHMIGOD, That’s so 80’s weekend." The series features movies from the 1980’s. "OHMIGOD" is an irreverent exclamation for "Oh, my God!" The promotional ad is playing on the television broadcast and on their website at (WARNING: If you visit their website, the ad plays automatically.) Donald Wildmon said, "I can’t tell you in words how offensive it is to listen to the advertisement for this new show as they must say ‘OHMIGOD’ five times in 30 seconds. Disrespect for Christians and God have gone on for some time with this phrase, but now we have a network that feels it appropriate to name an entire program series with this phrase." (American Family Association, 2/14/08.)

     And two more items from AFA: ABC has one standard for homosexuals and a different standard for Christians. ABC fired an actor because of an anti-gay comment, but gave anchorwoman who told an audience ‘F—Jesus’ what amounted to a one-week vacation. Last June, when actor Isaiah Washington, star of ABC’s show Grey’s Anatomy, made an anti-gay slur in reference to openly homosexual T.R. Knight, the network immediately fired Washington. But when ESPN (owned by ABC) anchorwoman Dana Jacobson publicly said "F— Notre Dame," "F— Touchdown Jesus" and finally "F— Jesus," the network gave her a one week suspension. In essence, ABC gave Jacobson a one week vacation. ABC has two standards, one for anti-gay comments and one for anti-Christian comments. Those who use anti-gay comments are punished. Those who use anti-Christian comments are supported. However, there is good news! The Federal Communications Commission has fined ABC television stations $1.43 million for broadcasting indecent programming on "NYPD Blue." It was the second-largest indecency fine against a television broadcaster ever. The agency proposed a $27,500 fine against 52 ABC-owned and affiliate stations in the Central and Mountain time zones, which broadcast the episode before 10 p.m.-the cutoff for the FCC’s authority to police the airwaves. The episode, shown Feb. 25, 2003, included a scene featuring a woman and a young boy. In the scene, the woman disrobes in a bathroom.

Two items from Answers In Genesis

     Do Creationists Reject Science?: Anyone familiar with the creation/evolution debate should know that anti-creationists love to lob the accusation that creationists are "anti-science" or that they "reject science." Evolutionists frequently label creationists "flat-earthers" and even go as far as suggesting that consistent creationists should deny the law of gravity! What’s more, these assertions are sometimes made with the implication (or outright allegation) that creationists are openly anti-science. So, for those who haven’t already made up their minds before hearing us out, are we truly against science? Not at all! Answers in Genesis (like other creationist groups) affirms and supports the teaching and use of scientific methodology, and we believe this supports the biblical account of origins. So why all the disagreement? Much of the problem stems from the different starting points of creationists and Darwinists. Everyone, scientist or not, must start their quests for knowledge with some unprovable axiom—some a priori belief on which they sort through experience and deduce other truths. This starting point, whatever it is, can only be accepted by faith; eventually, in each belief system, there must be some unprovable, presupposed foundation for reasoning (since an infinite regression is impossible). For Bible-believing Christians, God’s Word is our starting point: our presupposed foundation through which we interpret and balance fallen man’s ideas, including those derived scientifically. Although some may consider this a foolish faith, everyone has such faith in something. But which is foolish: faith in the unmovable Word of the omniscient creator God or faith in man’s fallible, changing ideas? (taken from e- newsletter, Feb. 9, 2008).

     More from AiG–Is antibiotic resistance proof of evolution?: It is true that certain bacteria can become resistant to antibiotics. On the surface, this may seem like evidence for evolution. After all, these bacteria seemed to have "gained" something—a resistance which they didn’t have before. It’s easy to see how a student could be intimidated by teachers who push evolution by declaring that bacteria have gained a resistance. Thus, they supposedly evolved. But, when you study the matter at a molecular level and understand how this resistance came about, it becomes obvious that it has nothing to do with molecules-to-man evolution. Dr. Georgia Purdom explains, "Mutation and natural selection, thought to be the driving forces of evolution, only lead to a loss of functional systems. Therefore, antibiotic resistance of bacteria is not an example of evolution in action but rather variation within a bacterial kind." For evolution in the Darwinian sense to occur, an organism has to gain information—information that previously did not exist. Bacterial resistance has nothing to do with a gain of information: it can be inherited from information that already existed, there could be a loss of information, or there could be an exchange of previously existing information from another bacterium. However, none of this has anything whatsoever to do with molecules-to-man evolution. (taken from e-newsletter archives, Feb. 2, 2008).