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another item you might find of interest

     Evolution and school violence—a sad connection?: People have been shocked in recent times at the outbreak of violence in public schools in America and around the world. Some schools have installed metal detectors to try to curb such violent behavior. What does evolution have to do with this sad—and shocking—situation? What we see happening is the end result of an education system that has effectively eliminated God from the classroom. When you think about it, generations of young people are being brainwashed each day in evolutionary ideas. They are being told that they are nothing special—they are just animals that have evolved from some primitive form of life over millions of years. The more society as a whole thinks this way, the more people will act consistently with what they’ve been taught. If life is not special, then it has no value. If there’s no God, and thus no absolute authority, then anyone can decide right and wrong for themselves. Most of the students probably don’t realize the connection of violence with evolution (though some have)—but underneath it all, this anti-God belief system has subtly caused them to think life is hopeless and without any purpose. (—Taken from answersingenesis.org newsletter; Feb. 23, 2008).

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