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I am a minister and homeschooling father who is interested in the promotion of homeschooling and also in listening to classical music.

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  1. Hi!
    I found an article by you that I really appreciated, and I would like to beg your permission to print it in our magazine. http://www.crosswalk.com/family/homeschool/encouragement/advice-for-homeschool-dads.html?ps=0#comments

    WISDOM Home Schooling is a non profit organization that “stands in the gap” for home educating families in Alberta, Canada. We take care of families’ government responsibilities while offering one-on-one support and encouragement (and our staff are home school grads and/or home ed parents)… We distribute a bi-monthly magazine free to our families, and one of our recurring columns is For Fathers, which is where I would like to put your article.

    I’d like to print this in the July issue which I am working on right now – and then I would be happy to send you a copy.

    Please let me know, either here, or by email.


  2. Found your blog when googling homeschooling in salem We are Actually n Patoka Just moved here from sc and looking for homeschool families to connect with. Are there any groups? Choirs? Anything? We r currently homeschooling our youngest, 6 and 3. Our oldest four will be in a Christian school this year They have previously all been homeschooled. Thanks for any help!

  3. Hello! Found your blog on google and wanted to let you know about a new homeschooling resource center located in Wilmington: http://www.arcadialearningcommons.org
    We’re a collection of teachers with a wide range of specialties and offer customized classes and tutorials as well as all-day programs. Age ranges will expand as interest grows. Please check us out! Thanks!

  4. Could you please update your info about Wells Corner School. It is now loacted at the Heritage Village, 249 W. 2nd St. It is open for tours by appointment, homeschoolers welcome. Also our new website is willhistory.org

  5. Hello: I am Robert Draznik age 90 residing in Joliet,IL. I played in Joliet,IL bands for a good part of my life. I have played “March of the Steelmen” many times and played under A.R.McAllister and both his sons. Your article on Belsterling/Alford is most valuable.

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