Hallelujah!  I finally made it.  I have been trying to put something on this blog since last week, but apparently, from the discussion on the blog forums, those of us who use Juno do not seem to be able to add new entries unless we come in through another browser such as Internet Explorer.  I tried that, and it worked!  Anyway, now that I know how to do it, I hope to conquer this thing reasonably soon.

     I am The Old Schoolhouse Missouri state coordinator for the webpage.  If anyone has questions about homeschooling in Missouri–laws, organizations, resources, etc., just ask them and I will try to answer to the best of my ability.  I also publish a free monthly e-mail newsletter that is intended primarily for homeschooling families associated with churches of Christ, although it is available to anyone who wants it.  Gena asked that I put it on the blog, so I will be doing so in the next few days.  It has been growing in size and will take up a BIG chunk of space!