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Items from Answers in Genesis and American Family Association

     And one more from AiG–Is science impossible without evolution?: Some evolutionists have argued that science isn’t possible without evolution. They teach that science and technology actually require the principles of molecules-to-man evolution in order to work. They claim that those who hold to a biblical creation worldview are in danger of not being able to understand science! Critical thinkers will realize that these kinds of arguments are quite ironic because evolution is actually contrary to the principles of science. That is, if evolution were true, the concept of science would not make sense. Science actually requires a biblical creation framework in order to be possible. Science presupposes that the universe is logical and orderly and that it obeys mathematical laws that are consistent over time and space. Even though conditions in different regions of space and eras of time are quite diverse, there is nonetheless an underlying uniformity. Scientists are able to make predictions only because there is uniformity as a result of God’s sovereign and consistent power. Scientific experimentation would be pointless without uniformity; we would get a different result every time we performed an identical experiment, destroying the very possibility of scientific knowledge. Evolutionists are able to do science only because they are inconsistent. They accept biblical principles such as uniformity, while simultaneously denying the Bible from which those principles are derived. (taken from http://www.answersingenesis.org newsletter, Feb. 16, 2008).

     AFA will not bow down to a threat from a liberal left-wing group: Donald Wildmon of the American Family Association recently reported that The Rev. Barry Lynn, the executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, has asked that the Internal Revenue Service investigate the American Family Association. Lynn says that AFA has violated IRS rules by distributing a voters guide. For years, Rev. Lynn and his Americans United, along with groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union and People for the American Way, have used threats to silence Christians in an attempt to take away their First Amendment rights. The tragedy is that he has been successful in silencing thousands of ministers. Wildmon said, "Let me make one thing clear to Rev. Lynn and his cohorts. We have no intention of bowing down to his threatening demands. Rev. Lynn is mistaken if he thinks his threat will scare this minister from exercising his First Amendment rights." Lynn has also included a threat to churches. As a minister, I have received such letters from AUSCS. Trying to scare ministers from exercising their rights, Lynn said: "Any church that distributes these biased guides is risking its tax exemption and casting aside its integrity." The AFA Voters Guide was developed by three constitutional lawyers and reviewed by three more constitutional lawyers following Rev. Lynn’s threat. All agreed that the voters guide is perfectly legal. The Alliance Defense Fund has offered to represent (free of charge) churches or organizations which distribute the voter’s guide and encounter opposition from either Lynn or the IRS. I wonder when the AUSCS will start going after non-profit homeschooling organizations who may provide information about how candidates stand on homeschooling?

     More from AFA about AUSCS–Americans United trying to stop resolution proclaiming "American Religious History Week": Wildmon also recently reported that this liberal group opposes recognition of our religious heritage! He said, "Americans United for Separation of Church and State has begun a campaign to defeat a resolution proclaiming the first week in May as ‘American Religious History Week.’ Remember, this is a non-binding resolution, not a bill before Congress." Representative Randy Forbes of Virginia has introduced a resolution proclaiming the first week in May as "American Religious History Week." The resolution, H. Res. 888, declares its two-fold purpose: "Affirming the rich spiritual and religious history of our Nation’s founding and subsequent history and expressing support for designation of the first week in May as ‘American Religious History Week’ for the appreciation of and education on American’s history of religious faith." Homeschooling provides parents with the opportunities and tools to combat this attack on our nation’s religious heritage as they teach their children.

     TV keeps becoming a vaster and vaster wasteland: The TV Land network has a new feature which started on Sat. Feb. 16 called "OHMIGOD, That’s so 80’s weekend." The series features movies from the 1980’s. "OHMIGOD" is an irreverent exclamation for "Oh, my God!" The promotional ad is playing on the television broadcast and on their website at http://www.tvland.com. (WARNING: If you visit their website, the ad plays automatically.) Donald Wildmon said, "I can’t tell you in words how offensive it is to listen to the advertisement for this new show as they must say ‘OHMIGOD’ five times in 30 seconds. Disrespect for Christians and God have gone on for some time with this phrase, but now we have a network that feels it appropriate to name an entire program series with this phrase." (American Family Association, 2/14/08.)

     And two more items from AFA: ABC has one standard for homosexuals and a different standard for Christians. ABC fired an actor because of an anti-gay comment, but gave anchorwoman who told an audience ‘F—Jesus’ what amounted to a one-week vacation. Last June, when actor Isaiah Washington, star of ABC’s show Grey’s Anatomy, made an anti-gay slur in reference to openly homosexual T.R. Knight, the network immediately fired Washington. But when ESPN (owned by ABC) anchorwoman Dana Jacobson publicly said "F— Notre Dame," "F— Touchdown Jesus" and finally "F— Jesus," the network gave her a one week suspension. In essence, ABC gave Jacobson a one week vacation. ABC has two standards, one for anti-gay comments and one for anti-Christian comments. Those who use anti-gay comments are punished. Those who use anti-Christian comments are supported. However, there is good news! The Federal Communications Commission has fined ABC television stations $1.43 million for broadcasting indecent programming on "NYPD Blue." It was the second-largest indecency fine against a television broadcaster ever. The agency proposed a $27,500 fine against 52 ABC-owned and affiliate stations in the Central and Mountain time zones, which broadcast the episode before 10 p.m.-the cutoff for the FCC’s authority to police the airwaves. The episode, shown Feb. 25, 2003, included a scene featuring a woman and a young boy. In the scene, the woman disrobes in a bathroom.

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