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be careful where you send your kids to college

     First, there were co-ed dorms.  Now there are “gender neutral” dorms.  What in the world are these?  These excerpts from an article entitled “Gender Neutral Housing” by Ashley Herzog at TownHall.com will help to explain.

      Earlier this year, Ohio University announced a new pilot program for gender-neutral housing, which has become all the rage on college campuses. The program allows people of “all genders” to live together in the dorms.

     Some of my older readers might assume this is just a lame attempt by middle-aged administrators to seem cool by allowing male and female students to shack up together. You’d be wrong. These days, gender-neutral housing is mostly a bow to LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) students who demand their own special dorms. OU’s student newspaper praised the “progressive step,” which is mostly meant “to accommodate those students who identify as transgender.”

     The idea that college life is so tough for gay and transgendered students that they need separate housing is preposterous. Far from being uniquely oppressed, the LGBT contingent is often the most catered-to of any group on campus. Administrators go to great lengths to satisfy these students while simultaneously nurturing a victimhood complex.

     In other words, your son may be forced to room with a homosexual student or your daughter with a lesbian student in order to promote “diversity,” and any attempt to refuse, change, or even oppose such a pairing would be looked upon as denying the rights of the LGBT student.

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