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Hickory Corner Schoolhouse, Slippery Rock, PA



Hickory Corner Schoolhouse

103 Maltby Ave.

Slippery Rock, PA 16057

The one-room Hickory Corner Schoolhouse is a white, clapboard school now located across from Old Main next to Slippery Rock University in Butler County, Pennsylvania. Hickory Corner School, originally located between Slippery Rock and Butler, served the Butler County community from 1881 to 1963. Students ranged in age from 5 to 15. They used his and her outhouses with “improvised” toilet paper. Wilkinson recalled a shed filled with wood and coal.  Every morning, students rose to recite the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer was common. The teacher taught reading and writing, penmanship, mathematics, civics, history, geography and other subjects.  The McCandless family gifted the building to SRU in 1998. The University uses it to teach early-education instruction methods and as a museum to illustrate the roots of America’s early system of education.

One thought on “Hickory Corner Schoolhouse, Slippery Rock, PA

  1. I went to Hickory Corners for 2nd and 3rd grade. We had a big pot belly type stove in the middle of the room for warmth. When we graduated 2nd grade we walked to the other side of the room for 3rd grade. I believe our teachers name was Mrs. Beasley. Or something close to that. We had a book mobile that came to our school as well. Trust me….no one used that outhouse in the winter time….lol

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