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Old Cold Water School, Hazelwood, MO

old coldwater

Old Cold Water School, Hazelwood, MO

Built in 1859, the Old Cold Water School , a one-room brick schoolhouse on the grounds of the HSD Learning Center, as it stands today is not the original building. The first building was destroyed by fire in 1850. It was located near the intersection of Vaile and Old Halls Ferry Road and was made of logs. The school was annexed into the Hazelwood School District on February 18, 1950, and closed in spring 1954.  The Old Cold Water School is one of 13 schoolhouses that became the Hazelwood School District in the early 1950s. The buildings were Brown, Cold Water, Vossenkemper, Pea Ridge, Columbia Bottom, Prigge, Twillman, Black Jack, Elm Grove, Hyatt, Rosary, Garrett, and Bonfils.   Two buildings remain as schoolhouses – Cold Water and Elm Grove, which is in Brookes Park near Interstate 270 and Lindbergh Boulevard. Others are private residences or no longer exist.  The Old Coldwater School celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2009.  The future of the Old Cold Water School is important to the District as the centerpiece of the HSD Art and History Park. The park, which is supported by donations to the HSD Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) organization, features sculptures based on student artwork and will one day include an amphitheatre, more sculptures and the school will become a museum.  It is sometimes used, along with several other museums, including Taille de Noyer and St. Stanislaus, by Historic Florissant, Inc. to feature special displays



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