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Currie, Nevada, New School


New Currie, Nevada, School

Currie. NV, is an unincorporated community in Elko County, Nevada, United States. It is often considered a ghost town, and its population is around 20.  The town is named after Joseph Currie, who started a ranch there in 1885. Discovery of copper in the neighboring town of Ely prompted the building of a railroad from Ely to the Southern Pacific main-line, at Cobre, NV. Currie is the midpoint between the two towns. On March 22, 1906, the first passenger train from Cobre to Currie was operated. Between 1906 and 1941, approximately 4.6 million passengers passed through Currie on rail.  Eventually, a new school was built to replace the old one.  The Ely copper smelters were closed on June 20, 1983 and the railroad closed one day later. The major portion of the town consists of Goshute Mercantile, the bar, adjoining house, cabins, RV park, garage, historic buildings, and corrals. There are also the Northern Nevada Railroad, Elko County School District Currie Elementary school, Lear Ranch, and the Nevada Highway Department.  The new Currie school with the blue roof closed in 2001.  The last teacher was Jackie Nordling, who had previously taught at the Ruby Valley school.  The trailer behind the new school was the teacher’s residence.








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