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Lone Tree School, Tiskilwa, IL



Lone Tree School

19292 250 North Avenue

Tiskilwa, Illinois

South of Tiskilwa, IL, in rural Bureau County, about eight miles on the old Galena Trail is Lone Tree.  It is named after a large burr oak tree that once stood alone on the open prairie that served as a landmark for pioneer travelers.  At one time it was a small town, but today there is nothing remaining of Lone Tree except a farmstead and the historic one-room Lone Tree School that was built in 1876 to serve the community of Lone Tree and surrounding Wheatland Township. The school, located at 19292 250 North Avenue, is a reminder of the many country schools that once dotted the Illinois landscape.  It was one of three schools in the township, and served school district #3; the district was established in 1848, but the location of its first school is unknown. It continued to serve the area until 1942, when it closed due to school consolidations in the county; the school outlasted the community it served, as Lone Tree was otherwise abandoned by the 1920s. Though Bureau County once had 236 one-room schoolhouses, Lone Tree School is one of the few which is well-preserved and still at its original location.  The school was added to the National Register of Historic Places on May 12, 2004.

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