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Pittsboro 1883 One Room School # 3, Pittsboro, IN



Pittsboro 1883 One Room School # 3

206 N. Meridian Street

Pittsboro, IN 46167

The Pittsboro One Room School #3 was built in 1883. It was located on the farm currently owned by Frank McClung. Prior to this, it was a frame building, and was located on the Southwest corner of the Edgar Parker farm.  Many of the teachers drove their buggies to the closest residence, Otis Waters. Their horses were stabled there during the school day, and several of the teachers boarded at the Waters home. Ruth Case was the school marm in 1911-1912. She married Everett Sparks. Her books and teacher bell have been donated to the One Room School #3 by Stella Sparks.  The school was used until 1919-1920, and was then purchased by Frank Haynes to be used for grain storage. The building was inherited by his wife, Magnetta Haynes, and then by her two daughters, Edna McClung and Helen Haynes Williams. Frank McClung inherited it from his mother and aunt. Frank McClung sold the One Room School to North West Hendricks School Corporation for $1.00 when the One Room School Committee formed to renovate it.

     The One Room School Committee formed in February 1996.  Schmidt and Associates Architectural Firm did feasibility studies and determined that the 1883 One Room School could be moved four miles from Frank McClung’s farm north of Pittsboro to the grounds of Pittsboro Elementary School.  Dana Dillman chaired the One Room School Committee.  The One Room School Committee and many volunteers began work on the building.  A grant of $100,000 was received from the White Lick Heritage Community Foundation that allowed the One Room School committee to hire Tyler McKinney as construction manager and bid out work the committee could not do.  Old wooden shingles were removed and Tyler McKinney replaced them with new ones.  Missing bricks were replaced under the windows and all bricks were pointed.  The building was given a new floor, new plaster, custom made windows and electricity was installed for lighting.  Original wood was filled to allow much of the original window framing to be used.  The One Room School Committee painted the interior and exterior wood trim matching color chips of old plaster, etc.  The restoration was completed by April of 2000.  The first classes to attend were from Pittsboro and North Salem Elementary Schools.  After the initial pilot program, the One Room School was available for other schools and civic groups in August 2000.  At that time the building was completely restored and furnished with period antiques or reproductions.

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