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Heritage Farm Museum One Room School, Huntington, WV



Heritage Farm Museum One Room School

3300 Harvey Road

Huntington, WV 25704

Heritage Farm Museum and Village is an open-air living history museum in Huntington, West Virginia, that focuses on Appalachian history and culture. Originally conceived as a location to house and display the private collection of A. Michael “Mike” and Henriella Perry, Heritage Farm has expanded into an entire Appalachian Frontier Village that was recently named West Virginia’s first Smithsonian-affiliated museum. In 1973, co-founders Mike and Henriella Perry decided to relocate from Huntington city proper to a farmhouse on the outskirts of town. Their interest was piqued by the old wooden logs they discovered beneath the walls of their house. Their efforts to understand the tools and techniques involved in building a cabin, coupled with their hobby of antiquing, led to the genesis of what would become Heritage Farm. Originally starting with a private collection housed in a nearby barn, they soon began to accumulate authentic old structures and materials that they felt would convey an appreciation for everyday life in Appalachia from the 19th century to the present.  Heritage Farm in its current sense began with the first “May Festival” on May 4, 1996. This event was the only day the village was open on an annual basis until 2006. It is currently a year-round public museum, open every day except Sundays and holidays.  The Schoolhouse Museum is an early 20th-century one-room schoolhouse that housed Lick Creek School, relocated to its current location and former precise spot of the Ratcliffe one-room schoolhouse. It has been restored to its original condition for visitors to explore how the first schools were introduced into these narrow hills before public education, when individual mountain communities would have to provide for themselves, and one educator would typically teach all ages between 6 and 13.

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