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New Era One Room School, Mineral Wells, WV 



New Era One Room School Living Heritage Museum

Rt. 14 South (Elizabeth Pike)

Mineral Wells, WV  26150

The New Era School, representative of early schools in West Virginia, was built in 1884 and served students in grades 1 through 8 until 1956.  The facility then served as a community building for the Missouri Run area.  It was later turned over to the Wood County Association of Retired School Employees.  In 1991, the Living Heritage Museum Project, a newly formed volunteer organization, acquired the building for restoration.  The building was dismantled and moved seven miles from Missouri Run to the Mineral Wells School campus for reconstruction.  The New Era School has maintained the integrity of its time with original desks, books pot-bellied stove, bell, slate chalkboards, oiled floors, pump, outhouse, coal shed, and numerous other artifacts.  Additional items make the schoolroom appear ready for Reading, ‘Riting, and ‘Rithmetic.  There is a collection of information and pictures of schools in Wood County.

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