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Hogan one room Schoolhouse, Luther, MT



Hogan one room Schoolhouse

Montana Route 78

Luther, Montana

The Hogan School is a turn of the twentieth century delight, the model one-room schoolhouse design of that period.  The Hogan one room schoolhouse is located along Montana Route 78 near the town of Luther in Carbon County, 6 or 7 miles out of Reg Lodge.  Along Highway 78, the watchful may spot this little red and white schoolhouse set back from the north side of the road.  The name of the community here is “Castagne,” The only reference found to Castagne is the Castagne Cemetery, about 5.33 miles north-northeast, as the crow flies.  The Hogan family had established the county’s first rural school in 1887.  At least, according to the sign above the door, this later building was in use and served the surrounding ranch kids from 1895 until 1967.  From that time, school consolidation forced the kids to bus to Red Lodge school for their learning.  Its preservation today is an excellent example of local stewardship by the property owner.  A perfectly typical little wood framed, gable roofed one room schoolhouse, though it is now simply a local historic site, it has, to some extent at least, been taken care of by the locals. Its last coat of paint is now a few decades old, but the door has been boarded and nailed shut to prevent entry. The schoolhouse stands in a corral in which a pair of friendly horses graze.

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