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Teach Your Child to Love Worship

Teach Your Child to Love Worship
by Forrest D. Moyer, 1989

(Editor’s note: Doy Moyer posted the following article on his Facebook page recently. It was written by his father. I think it’s a great reminder to parents and grandparents on how to prepare children for worship. Forrest wrote this in 1989, so clearly the problems that we face today are similar to problems that brethren were facing back then.)

A very serious problem exists among religious families: sometimes their children who have been brought up “in the church” are anxious to “get out of the house” so they won’t “have to go to church” anymore. This is a perplexing problem fraught with serious consequences. Why does a child want to “get away from” the church? What kind of children from what kind of families does so? I don’t know all the answers to questions like this, but let me suggest a few thoughts.

I believe that one real source of this attitude is that children are not taught to love the worship of the Lord. From the time they are infants the parents are yelling at them on Sundays to “hurry up and get up ’cause we have to go to church” with the emphasis on “have.” Nothing is said about the joy of worship. Nothing is said about the wonderful privilege that is ours. Children are taught that “going to church” is a drudge. No wonder they want to get away from it.

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