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Larryville Schoolhouse, Jersey Shore, PA



Larryville Schoolhouse

Piatt Township, Lycoming County

Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania  17740

This historic, one-room schoolhouse in a rural part of Piatt Township, Lycoming County, PA, operated as a school from 1876 to 1958. Piatt Township was formed from part of Mifflin Township by the Pennsylvania General Assembly on April 30, 1857. The new township encompassed what was the southernmost part of Mifflin Township.  Piatt Township is named for William Piatt who was an associate judge in Lycoming County when the township was created.  Larrys Creek, which bisects Piatt Township, is names for Larry Burt, the first settler in the area, who lived near the mouth of the creek near what is now the hamlet of Larry’s Creek.  Other settlers soon followed Larry Burt to what is now Piatt Township.  They settled along the banks of Larry’s Creek near where it flows into the West Branch Susquehanna River.  Piatt Township is bordered by Mifflin to the north, Woodward Township to the east, the West Branch Susquehanna River to the south, and Porter Township to the west.  Lycoming County is about 130 miles northwest of Philadelphia and 165 miles east-northeast of Pittsburgh.  The township has a total area of 10.1 square miles.  The surface of Piatt Township is rolling with valuable bottom lands located along the river, in the great bend known a Level Corners.  In December, 2015, the Piatt Twp. Supervisors discussed pertinent maintenance issues that will be required on the Larryville Schoolhouse in the coming year.  Estimated cost of work will be presented at a later meeting.  In September, 2016, they were presented the estimate of $8,700 from East End Lumber Company to remove and install new singles on the schoolhouse roof.

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