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Gold Creek School, Gold Creek, MT



Gold Creek School

825 Gold Creek Rd.

Gold Creek, MT 59733

Gold Creek, MT, has no stores, gas stations or bars, and its one church is closed. But it is rich in grazing land, and it still has a one-room school.  It’s a tiny community in Powell County, on the western slope of the continental divide, once famous as the first place gold was discovered in Montana 150 years ago. And near here, in 1883, the Northern Pacific Railroad completed its east-to-west connection.  But, like much of the state, Powell County has seen economic boom and bust. The mining and cattle ranching that once made it prosperous no longer sustain its people.  Today Gold Creek is one of several small communities in the county that’s struggling to hold itself together. Jobs are scarce and young people are leaving the county to find work. At Gold Creek School the teacher is able to give individualized lessons to each student in all their subjects, every day.  The state of Montana gives strong support to its small schools. There are roughly 400 one-room schools still functioning in the United States, one-quarter of them in Montana.

Gold Creek school, Powell Co

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