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Fairview Schoolhouse, Columbia, NJ



Fairview Schoolhouse

Dean Rd.

Columbia, New Jersey

Fairview Schoolhouse is located in the Columbia section of Knowlton Township, Warren County, New Jersey. One Quaker-led reform popular in New Jersey was the octagon schoolhouse, a reaction to the shortcomings of existing school buildings.  Octagon schoolhouses were better lighted because they had no dark corners and the windows were, on average, closer to the student desks, and they were better heated because the heating stove was moved from along a side wall to the middle of the room and bench seating was arranged concentrically around it. At least 25 octagon schools were built in New Jersey between 1800 and 1851 but the only survivor still bearing witness to this brief vogue is the Fairview or Fairplay School (1835) in Knowlton Township, Warren County. The schoolhouse was added to the National Register of Historic Places on August 12, 1977.

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