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Miss Arnold’s School House, Allendale, SC


miss arnold

Miss Arnold’s School House

609 Georgia Ave.

Allendale, SC  29810

This tiny structure was built in 1875 for Miss Augusta Salena Arnold. At the outbreak of the Civil War, Miss Arnold was only about 14, and the war made it impossible for her to pursue her education in a formal way. So she educated herself by reading and emerged with a well-rounded education that was well suited for teaching the young pupils of her time. Most of them came from Barnwell and Hampton counties, as Allendale County was not chartered until 1919.  It was said the she could almost recite from memory any page from her well-worn encyclopedia. Her passion for knowledge and for teaching children inspired her to continue teaching for almost fifty years in the tiny school house for the remainder of the nineteenth century, even after public schools had been established in Allendale. Miss Augusta Salena Arnold died in 1929 and is buried in Allendale’s Swallow Savannah Cemetery in the Searson family lot. She is remembered with great fondness by the people of Allendale. Her school house, which originally sat near United States Highway 301, was restored in recent years and moved around 2006 to the property of the Salkahatchie Arts Council, where serves as a historical exhibit and can be appreciated by visitors.

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