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Mountain HomePlace School, Staffordsville, KY



Mountain HomePlace School

745 KY Route 2275

Staffordsville, KY 41256

The Mountain HomePlace is an 1850’s working farm and living history museum located adjacent to Paintsville Lake State Park, in Staffordsville, Kentucky. The museum is a re-creation of a mid-nineteenth-century farming community and includes such buildings on site as a double-pen cabin, one-room school house, church, blacksmith shop, and barn with farm grounds. These structures were all moved from nearby locations in the early 1980s to prevent them from being submerged underneath the planned Paintsville Lake. The museum officially opened in July 1995.  While touring the grounds, visitors will see farm animals including horses, donkeys, sheep, chickens, goats, and more. Tour guides, park workers, and interpreters wearing traditional authentic period costumes perform daily chores on the farm, demonstrate old skills and crafts such as forging horseshoes, quilting, and tending to farm animals, and share information relating to the area during this critical time in America’s history. There is also a Welcome Center, consisting of the Museum of Appalachian History and a gift shop featuring regional arts and crafts. The In the Pines Amphitheater was built in the early 2000s and was modeled after the amphitheaters of Ancient Greece. The 700-seat facility is open year-round and annually hosts the Red Bud Gospel Sing.  The museum is open from April 1 through December 20.

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