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Camp Dennison Schoolhouse Restaurant, Camp Dennison, OH

camp dennison

Camp Dennison Schoolhouse Restaurant

8031 Glendale Milford Road

Camp Dennison, OH 45111-9732

Built in the early 1860s, during the Civil War, the school was one of the first schools in the Midwest with a second story. The place, now a restaurant, still boasts a home-spun appeal, from the goats and geese roaming around out back to the family-style dining.  Camp Dennison has been the home of 3 local school buildings.  The first school house was a log building on the south side of Kugler Mill Rd (Galbraith Rd.), ½ mile east of Buckingham Rd.  The log building on Kugler Road no longer exists. The next building used as a school was the brick building on Lincoln Road at the Little Miami Railroad, southeast. Mr. Leavin Ready was a teacher in this school. It is now used as a residence and owned by the Knicely (now Howell) family. The brick schoolhouse on Lincoln and Clement Rds. now has siding and is not easily recognized as a schoolhouse.  Construction began in the fall of 1863 on what was to be the first two-story brick schoolhouse in the Midwest. Located on Route 126, the school was designed in a cross construction pattern with gables containing Italianate style bracketing at the corners. The building was not used as a school until 1870, due to the Civil War. It was the third building to be used as a school in the area. It housed students up to the eighth grade. The school had two floors with a winding staircase that separated them. The first level had two rooms with a hallway entrance leading to the stairs. The second floor was used in the early years for the teaching of black children. The upstairs was the principal’s office, and part of the upper floor was an auditorium used for assemblies and meetings. In 1939, the building was remodeled, converting from stove heat to hot water heat. Additional, restrooms and water fountains were added. Enlargement of the windows provided extra sunlight for the school. The building was used for a school as part of the Hamilton County School District until 1952, when the last class graduated. a new school was opened on Drake Road which consolidated all the smaller schools in the area, and it became part of the Indian Hill School District. The school and adjoining property were then owned by the local gravel company and the school was used as office space while permits to mine gravel were under review by the State of Ohio. The permits were declined by the state due to the presence of St Rt 126. They could not collect gravel on both sides of the St Rt. This saved the school from being demolished and made the property useless to the owner.  The Camp Dennison School was purchased by Don and Phylis Miller in 1961, and in 1962, the school was converted into a restaurant facility by the Miller family.

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