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Sister, Show Mercy

Sister, Show Mercy

From Pyromaniacs Blog, April 17, 2012

     [Jean Hall wrote:  Thought this was a great article and wanted to share.  This topic of conversation arises frequently at our house, being a houseful of teenagers.  I encourage parents of young children to address the topic early.  It’s so much easier to instill principles BEFORE they are needed, before the argument is over a particular outfit for a particular evening.  It still needs to be constantly monitored with older kids, but reminding them of what they know is easier than trying to change habits/perceptions/attitudes that have already dug in.]

Preface: “What are you? Nuts?!” Just thought I’d lead with the question you’ll be wondering in a few minutes. I am about to stick my finger in the fan, about up to my elbow, and I know it. But I really think someone needs to say this — and why not me? I have less to lose than many who’ve thought the same thing, but daren’t say it.

So here we go.

What will change, and what won’t. Spring’s sprung, and summer looms. Mercury rises, fashions change. But one thing that won’t change, unless I’m happily mistaken: some good Christian sisters will not dress as helpfully as they could.

I chose that word with care: “helpfully.” I am not talking about sin, shame, indecency, wantonness, or the like. Perhaps I could, with some justification. But that’s for another time — and probably another writer. At this point, I just want to talk about being helpful.

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