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State Takes Big Bite Out of Parental Rights

State Takes Big Bite Out of Parental Rights
Dr. Karen Gushta in Crosswalk Homeschool News (Thursday, December 15, 2011)

The push against parents’ rights is unrelenting. The most recent field of engagement, not surprisingly, is health care. Two recent cases show the extent to which government employees and health care professionals are colluding to make decisions that should rightfully belong to parents.

In October an 8-year-old boy in Ohio was taken from his school by social workers and placed in foster care. The boy’s mother was told that she could see him once a week for two hours.

Marie Louise Madigan, the county spokeswoman for the Department of Children and Family Services claimed that the boy was removed from his home because “case workers considered this mother’s inability to get her son’s weight down a form of medical neglect” according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

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Dr. Karen Gushta is research coordinator at Truth in Action Ministries, author of The War on Children, and co-author of Ten Truths About Socialism. As a career educator, Dr. Gushta is has taught from kindergarten to graduate teacher education in both public and Christian schools in America and overseas. She has a Ph.D. in Philosophy of Education and Masters Degrees in Elementary Education and Christianity and Culture.

Original publication date: December 13, 2011

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