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Finding My Way Through Homeschooling

Finding My Way Through Homeschooling
by Anne Muchnij (in The Link)

[This article was written in the early 2000s, but provides useful insight for parents today.]

Every year our homeschooling group has a Kids Festival where the children can display what they have worked on during the year. My oldest son, Collins, had been studying American Indians for about four months prior to last year’s Festival. As we were setting up the table to display all his Indian crafts, books and drawings, I was amazed that we had too many things for the table. I love Collins’s enthusiasm for what he is studying and could not believe we had read twenty books on the subject already. We had people coming up to us left and right to ask Collins questions and if he would be willing to sell any of his American Indian crafts. My son said “No” because he loves everything he has made and each piece has meaning and significance to him. This day was a perfect example that I have really found what works for me and for the family. Just seeing Collins’s shining face all day, as he shared his love of the American Indians, was proof to me we are on the right track.

I believe every family is unique and that there is not one way to homeschool. Homeschooling is an individual choice and should be decided by the parents. I do believe it is important to be clear on your personal educational philosophy. Mary Hood describes this in her book The Relaxed Home School as a purpose statement that includes your basic beliefs about education, a list of goals for your family and the types of methods and materials you plan to use. I wish I had read Mary Hood’s book when I first started homeschooling. It would have saved me a lot of time discovering my philosophy–but maybe I would have missed the fun of the journey.

Read more:

http://www.homeschoolnewslink.com/homeschool/articles/vol8iss2/v8i2_finding_my_way .shtml

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