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Old Stone School, Akron, OH



Old Stone School

301 S. Broadway St.

Akron, OH 44308

The first schoolhouse built in Akron was Schoolhouse No. 2, also referred to as the schoolhouse of Portage Township School District No. 2. It was erected sometime in the early 1830s.  Akron at the time was a tiny village in Portage County’s Portage Township. There was already a school in operation in the Township located in the nearby village of Middlebury, known as Schoolhouse No.1. (The dates and location for this school are unknown.) Much later Akron annexed Middlebury, but Portage Township Schoolhouse No. 2 is still considered Akron’s first school.  The original Schoolhouse No. 2 was a small frame school house standing on the northeast corner of Middlebury street [now Buchtel Ave.] and Broadway.    The original deed for the Schoolhouse No. 2 property was lost by its school directors and a new deed was written in 1837 to give clear title and restate the property was given as a gift from General Simon Perkins to the school directors.   After the June 1, 1847, local election to adopt the Akron School Law, the ownership and title of Portage Township School District No. 2 (and all other schools) were transferred to the new Akron Board of Education.   In 1867 the first loans were given to the Akron Board of Education to build schoolhouses. This set off a schoolhouse building booms in Akron. That year, along with other school construction projects, Schoolhouse No. 2, got a make-over – this time in stone.  Unfortunately the new stone school was so small that within a little more than a decade the decision was made to close, decommission and sell Schoolhouse No. 2 to the railroad. Eventually the ownership of the building was transferred to the Summit County Historical Society and they still own it today. In more recent history 3rd grade students in the Akron Public School visited the “Old Stone School” as part of their local history class.


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