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Science Hill School, Alliance, OH

Science Hill School, 11810 Beeson St NE, Alliance, OH

Science Hill School

11810 Beeson St.

Alliance, OH

Sixty years after it closed its doors to regular classroom activity, Science Hill School stands as an educational treasure.  The building, located at 11810 Beeson St. N.E. in Lexington Township, which was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1994, was constructed in 1869.   The first directors were local farmers, and the first teacher in 1877 was Wesley Knoll, according to historic documents. Irma Buckles was the last teacher to oversee education at the school, which had housed first through third grades before Marlington School District built Lexington Elementary School.  Science Hill was a pretty standard school. Like other schools at the time, the building was constructed for mobility. This particular building was originally located about a half mile down Beeson Street, where Science Hill Community Church sits now.   Preservationists took notice almost immediately of an effort to save the building after it ceased to be used as a school, when five people began the first Science Hill Historical Society in August 1957. The group eventually grew to 80, but numbers dwindled as the members aged and the group disbanded in 1975.  An amateur radio group called the building home for over a decade in exchange for keeping up the lawn, but after that activity inside the one-room schoolhouse once again ceased.   Soon after, interest in the building again took hold and the Science Hill Historical Society was reincarnated.  Furnished with many original pieces, like the teacher’s and 28 student desks as well as benches from when the facility closed in 1956, the school provides a unique look at education in the past.

Science Hill School, 11810 Beeson St NE, Alliance, OH


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