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William Inglott and “The Leaves Bee Greene”


William Inglott or Inglot (1554–1621) was an English musician, composer, and organist.  He was born in 1554, the son of Edmund Inglott, perhaps at Norwich, England.  After being a chorister of Norwich Cathedral from some time in the 1560s, he was appointed Lay-Clerk of Norwich Cathedral 1576 and eventually became organist of Norwich Cathedral from 1587 to 1591. He was noted for his skill as a player on the organ and virginals. His name appears as a composer of two keyboard pieces in the manuscript volume (Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge) known as ‘Queen Elizabeth’s Virginal Book.’  There is also an untitled keyboard piece by ‘Englitt’ in a MS in the British Museum, but few of his works are now known.   Some sources say that he was Master of the Choristers of Hereford Cathedral from 1597 until some time after 1610 and also organist of Hereford Cathedral from 1579 to 1607, then returned as organist of Norwich Cathedral from 1608 to 1621.

Other sources suggest that there were two referents by this name, one a Master Organist for Norwich Cathedral and the other an organist at Hereford Cathedral, so that given the complex nature of separating the two, any information on William Inglott is questionable and that it is not sure which of them is the source of the two compositions contained in the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book and the untitled piece in Will Forster’s Virginal Book.  Inglott died at Norwich in December, 1621, and was buried in the cathedral, where a monument was erected to his memory in 1622. About ninety years afterwards the monument, having fallen into disrepair, was restored at the expense of Dr. William Croft. An engraving of it as restored may be seen in the ‘Posthumous Works of Sir Thomas Browne,’ 1712, and the eulogistic inscription is printed by Hawkins.

My collection includes the following work by William Inglott:

The Leaves Bee Greene.


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