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Homeschool Home Economics

Homeschool Home Economics
by Cindy Puhek, Homeschool Life from Crosswalk.com (Tuesday, November 8, 2011)

Why I picked the octopus pillow for my seventh-grade home economics project, I will never know. I guess I thought it was cute, and I chose it not realizing the curves of the legs and body would make it a more difficult sewing project than some of the other options.

I found the sewing very difficult, and to add insult to injury, I, the straight-A student, received a B on my rather angular octopus. This first experience on a sewing machine so traumatized me that I decided it would be my last project on a sewing machine, and I hardly touched a sewing machine for most of my early adulthood.

Twenty-four years after my junior high sewing experience, I was sitting at camp with a group of homeschooled families. Downstairs, one family was giving a demonstration on how to make a tiered skirt without a pattern. Later, we heard from a young teenaged girl who had her own business selling custom totes and aprons she made herself. When this girl was 9, she sewed all the clothing worn by the bridal party in her sister’s wedding. At this time, I did not even own a sewing machine. But these lovely families planted a vision in my heart to make my home a place of productivity, not just for myself, but so I could pass these skills on to my daughters.

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Cindy Puhek resides in Colorado Springs where she spends her time working as a help meet to her beloved husband and training her 5 children to be warriors for Jesus. Cindy earned a masters degree in chemistry and had a career teaching science classes before realizing God’s highest call on her life is to invest her gifts and talents to make her home a place of ministry and industry and refuge. You can visit Cindy’s blog at http://www.hseblogs.com/cindy.  This article was originally published in the Mar/Apr 2011 issue of HomeSchoolEnrichment Magazine. To learn more, and to request a FREE sample copy, visit http://www.HomeSchoolEnrichment.com


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