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Preparing for College

Preparing for College
by Home School Legal Defense Association

As the ranks of home-educated graduates continues to grow, the number of these students seeking college admission increases as well. College entrance requirements often catch families by surprise. The purpose of this memo is to help families understand and be prepared for the college admissions process. As you embark upon the journey of preparing your children for college, keep in mind the following.

(1) Every college and university is different. We can describe what to expect generally, but you will find the application process varies from school to school as you begin your investigation. For example, a college or university might require homeschoolers to provide transcripts from parents, SAT scores, SAT II scores, ACT scores, or more than one of the above. Some schools even have their own entrance exams. Since few colleges today require homeschoolers to have a GED score, taking this test is not generally recommended. If, however, a college does request it, you may want to ask them to waive this requirement.

(2) Colleges often place requirements on homeschooled students which they do not require of their public school applicants. Although homeschoolers tend to be excellent and qualified students, their high school transcripts are not usually accredited by an outside agency. To maintain standing with their own accrediting agencies, some colleges and universities believe they must impose extra requirements on home educated students. However, in recent years, more and more colleges are now accepting well-prepared and accurate parent-created transcripts without hesitation.

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