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German Valley Lutheran School, Dane Co., WI


German Valley Evangelical Lutheran Parochial School

Erbe Rd.(2.5 miles off Highway 18/151)

Dane County, WI

Dane County, WI, was settled by families from Hesse, a region in Germany, beginning in the 1840s.  German Valley Lutheran Church was erected shortly after the land was purchased in 1867 from Justus Heuser.  After the construction of the church building was completed, the congregation built the German Valley Parochial School.  All classes were taught in German.  Religion and Christian values were included.  Because most of the residents were farmer, classes were held only during the winter months.  The school remained active through the early 1900s until it closed due to the anti-German sentiment following World War I.  The building was sold in 1923 and moved to a nearby farm where it was used for storage.  German Valley Lutheran Church changed its name to Immanuel Lutheran Church in 1941 at the onset of World War II.  In 1997 Dale Arneson and Verlyn Edseth purchased the run-down old school and moved it to its current site.  They worked for many months, with the help of several other members from the church, to restore the building’s exterior and interior to their original condition.





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