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5 Steps to a Compliant Teen

Dealing with Non-Compliant Teens:
5 Steps to a Compliant Teen

by Deborah Ainsworth, Hartville Life Coach
Posted on October 22, 2011

The teenage years are years of discovery, both for the teenager as well as the parent. As a teen has constant change emotionally, physically and mentally, we also have to change as parents. The techniques that once worked with our pre-teen and children, they may no longer be effective as teenagers. This can be problematic in families if the parents do not grow with their teens, recognizing their changes, adapting to them and finding common ground with their teens. This is not to suggest that teen compliance rests solely with the parents, but as the relationship improves through parenting efforts, so does the compliance….

If you have a teen that is not compliant with the household rules and expectations, there is hope. It is a matter of redefining the terms and conditions with your teen. In addition, it is defining what your teenagers “collateral” is. That means, what is important to them, maybe driving the car, having access to the internet, cell phone and texting etc. You know what is important to your teen, and that will be part of the next steps in getting back on track with your teenager. A great first step is to implement Behavioral Contracting with your teen.

Consider the following 5 Steps to a Compliant Teen:

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About the Author
Deborah Ainsworth is a mother of two beautiful boys and Professional Parenting and Life Coach. Focus on and expert in parenting, families and their children. Passionate about making a positive difference.


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