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Rudolph Goehr and Music Box Tango


Rudolph Goehr (1906-1981) was a German-born American composer of popular music and conductor.  Goehr was born in 1932 into a remarkably musical German Jewish family at Berlin, Germany, on Dec. 25, 1906.  Both Rudolph and his older brother Walter took master classes in Berlin at the Prussian Academy of Arts with Arnold Schoenberg (1874-1951).  Rudolph settled in Paris, France, in 1933, where he  composed popular music including songs for the 1933 short Eine wie du, and then later came to the United States.  Walter and his wife Laelia, a classically trained pianist, moved to London, England, where he became a conductor who championed the music of Monteverdi and Messiaen, also wrote the score to David Lean’s “Great Expectations,” and conducted for several of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger’s films.

Rudolph is credited with music for the soundtracks of Three on a Weekend (1938), Le père Chopin (1945) which included the song “Two Shadows in the Moonlight,” and Bachelor in Paris (1952) which included the song “Just a Song of Paris”.   He also orchestrated the scores of the film There’s No Tomorrow (1939) and the Broadway production Happy as Larry (1950).  Goehr died at Santa Barbara, California, in 1981. Walter’s son Alexander Goehr (b. 1932), Rudolph’s nephew, has been one of England’s most important avant-garde composers.

My collection includes the following work by Rudolph Goehr:

Music Box Tango.


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