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Red Bud schoolhouse in Renfro Valley, Mt Vernon, Kentucky

redbud renfro


Red Bud schoolhouse in Renfro Valley, Mt Vernon, Kentucky

The Renfro Valley settlement was named so by John Lair, after the area’s first settlers, John and Lula Renfro. Lair also named the creek after them – “Renfo Creek” which flows throughout the whole valley.  Today, Renfro Valley offers stage shows and outdoor jams.  The park area includes old time cabins such as this one-room school house.  Nobody knows just how old this building actually was. On its walls were carved the initials of many generations of Renfro Valley students. The building itself was always basically the same, but its interior layout and use changed often during the years. Only one thing remain the same – the row of wooden pegs, placed at varying heights along the wall for coats, hats and dinner buckets. For many years the building served as the only community center for the folks in the valley. On Sunday it served as Sunday School headquarters and, occasionally, traveling preachers used it. Elections and communities events were held there and it also served as a theatre for the wandering fiddlers and banjo players who brought The Valley its only glimpse of the professional entertainer.   When the Brown and Williamson Tobacco Company, searching for a radio program that might bring listeners a steadying sampling of pioneer America at the time, picked the Renfro Valley folks as the ideal cast for such a program, it was inevitable that the old log schoolhouse should be brought back into service. From it each Monday night its sounds were broadcast over a network of southern NBC stations, making it one of the most unusual series of programs being presented in the early 1940s.





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