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Old Elm Grove School, Brookes Park, Hazelwood, MO

Old Elm Grove School or Little Red Schoolhouse

Brookes Park

Brookes Drive

Hazelwood, MO 63042

Brookes Park in Hazelwood, MO, has 3.4 acres of parkland, historical buildings, playground, picnic sites, and a pavilion. Hazelwood has several Historic Landmarks located within its boundaries. Some of them have been relocated to Brookes Park. The Old Elm Grove School, also known as the Little Red Schoolhouse, is one of those relocated. It was built around 1852 and is said to be the earliest school building in the county. The red brick of the one room school were used in an unusual fashion in that the brick faces are turned toward the inside. The school closed in 1952.  Other landmarks in Brookes Park include the Stuart-Utz-Teson House, a two-story, dog-trot style log home built in 1824; the Knobbe House built in 1870 and located on the site of the Village Square Shopping Center; and the St. Cin House, built in the 1850’s with bricks made on St. Charles Rock Road.


http://aboutstlouis.com/local/communities/hazelwood-missourielm grove brookes-park-little-red-schoolhouse


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