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Tony De Vita and Softly As I Leave You


Antonio “Tony” De Vita (February 10, 1932 – January 14, 1998), was an Italian composer, conductor, arranger, and pianist.  Born on February 10, 1932, in Milan, Italy, De Vita graduated at the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in his hometown.  He started his career as a pianist, accompanying artists such as Johnny Dorelli and Betty Curtis.  In 1963 he debuted on television as the conductor in the variety show La fiera dei sogni, and from then he appeared in dozens of popular shows, including Senza Rete, Fantastico and Domenica in.  De Vita composed over five hundred songs and musical scores.  He is best known for his long collaboration with the singer Mina. Among his best known compositions is the song “Piano,” which was later recorded by Frank Sinatra with the title “Softly, as I Leave You.”  De Vita died on January 14, 1998, at Ospedaletti, Italy.

The following work by Tony De Vita is contained in my collection:

Softly As I Leave You (1960).


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