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District Number 1 School, Mt. Horeb, WI


District Number 1 School

110 N. 2nd St.

Mt. Horeb, WI

Mount Horeb, WI, is located in the southern portion of the state.  The city’s old District No.1 Schoolhouse, built between 1884 and 1889, was replaced with a larger school building in 1919. The local Masonic Lodge used the former schoolhouse until 1921 at which time it was converted into a single family residence. In later years it became a 2-flat apartment building.  The Immanuel Lutheran Church bought the building and land for expansion and offered the school for sale to anyone who wanted it. As it was in line to be razed in 2002, the history-minded community decided that the “oldest remaining school building in Mount Horeb” must be preserved, so the Mount Horeb Landmarks Foundation was formed to purchase it for $1.00, had the 113 year old schoolhouse moved from it’s original Main Street location to a new park site behind City Hall at 110 N. 2nd St., and began to restore it as a functional building for public use including an educational museum.  The school grounds are currently used for the local farmers’ market and band concerts.



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