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Pierre Caroubel and Two Courantes


Pierre-Francisque Caroubel (1556 – summer 1611 or 1615) was a free-lance French court violinist and composer who was a member of a brief association with Mosnis.  Caroubel was born at Cremona, Italy, in 1556. He lived in Paris from 1576 and collaborated with Michael Praetorius at the court of the Duke of Brunswick at Wolfenbüttel. Some of the music arranged by Praetorius in Terpsichore Musarum (1612) was also by Caroubel. The contents of Terpsichore are often assumed to be the compositions of Praetorius himself.  However they are collections of different French dance styles—some by him and others are harmonizations of melodies supplied by Emeraud; original five-part pieces by Caroubel; and those he labelled ‘anonymous’ (pieces received by him in two-part form, to which he just added inner parts).   Caroubel  served in the court of Louis XIII and gave royal concerts at the Louvre — or some comparable venue — every Saturday.  He is known for his dance music, gavottes, bransles, and galliards, some of which were published after his death in the anthology Secret des muses (Amsterdam, 1615). He composed “Le Branle De Montirande.”  He died at Paris, France, either in 1611 or 1615.

The following works by Pierre Caroubel are contained in my collection:

Two Courantes.


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