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Giovanni Bolzoni and his Minuet


Giovanni Bolzoni (May 15, 1841 – February 21, 1919) was an Italian composer and violinist, who is known for his Minuet for String Orchestra.  Born in Parma, Italy, on May 15, 1841, Bolzoni studied at the Parma Conservatory. After graduating in 1859, he was violinist and part-time conductor with Teatro Comunale di Reggio Emilia and Comunale di Cremona, eventually taking a position with an orchestra in Savona where he also taught violin. After six years he became its concertmaster and conductor. This was followed in 1874 by three years in Perugia as orchestral conductor and theatre director at the Istituto Morlacchi.

Bolzoni was the long-time director of the conservatory of music in Turin. Among his notable pupils were composers Carlo Adolfo Cantù and Edgard Varèse.  Besides the popular Minuet, he composed the operas Il matrimonio civile (premiered in Parma, 1870), La stella delle Alpi (Savona, 1876), and Jella (Piacenza, 1881). He also wrote Tema con variazioni for string orchestra, Al castello medioevale for small orchestra, a string quartet, quartets, quintets, and violin pieces.  In 1884, he conducted the premiere of the revised version of Puccini’s opera Le Villi.  In 1887, he became director of the Istituto Musicale, concertmaster at the Teatro Regio di Parma and of the Concerti Popolari.  Bolzoni died in Turin, Italy, on February 21, 1919.

My collection includes the following work by Giovanni Bolzoni:

Minuet for String Orchestra


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