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The Uncomplicated Homeschooler

The Uncomplicated Homeschooler

by Gena Suarez, Sept. 14, 2011 (Originally published by The Old Schoolhouse)

I am the uncomplicated homeschooler. At least, I want to say that; I wish I could say that. Why does homeschooling seem so complicated sometimes? From the number of letters we get from readers all over the world, I see a common running theme. It’s like what public schooled high schoolers sometimes put on their Facebook profiles regarding their latest status of “relationship” with whomever significant other they have (at the time). They say, “It’s complicated.”

That’s what these letters convey, too. Things are difficult, confused, hard to keep up with. Their lives are crazy and lacking peace. They can’t balance it all, nor are they necessarily even sure they want to anymore. They feel like failures, ready to give up and put Johnny back in school again where they think by doing so will soon make things “less complicated” once again in their lives. What they don’t realize is that so many others, just like them, are saying the same thing. Why is this and what does it mean to live in a complicated state? Is there hope for change?

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