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Riley Schoolhouse, Boscobel, WI


Life O’Riley Farm & Guesthouses

15706 Riley Road

Boscobel, Wisconsin 53805

Life O’ Riley Farm is located in the Driftless Region of Southwest Wisconsin on 160 acres approximately six miles south of Boscobel.  A dairy farm into the 70’s, it is now cropped for corn, oats and hay.   Along the way improvements were made on an old schoolhouse and a granary was rebuilt for guests.  The Schoolhouse was built over 100 years ago. Used as a country school until 1960, it was located on the farm property and was moved to its present location in 1970. Following its use as a school, it was used to store grain for several years. Visitors are welcome to wander around the farm, which includes an overlook with fire-pit and great views including a path to an old quarry for fossil hunting, or to pick produce in season for meals from the gardens for a small fee.  The schoolhouse is great for families, groups of friends or sportspeople.  The granary, smaller and more private, is perfect for someone seeking a quiet retreat/getaway, for couples, or families with very young children.


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