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Final installment of “New Testament Stories My Daddy Told Me”

New Testament Stories My Daddy Told Me

JOHN’S FINAL VISIONS (Revelation chapters 6-22)

By Wayne S. Walker

     After seeing a vision of the resurrected Jesus, writing letters to seven churches in the province of Asia, and getting a glimpse into heaven of God upon the throne and the Lamb coming to open the scroll, the apostle John begins to record his final visions with highly figurative, symbolic language in order to give comfort and encouragement to saints suffering persecution.   The Lamb loosens the seven seals, and with the seventh seal there sound seven trumpets, all of which announce chastisements on the persecuting powers, but they refuse to repent.  The seventh seal then begins a great drama.

A woman gives birth to a man-child.  A great dragon, identified as the devil or Satan, tries to destroy the child, but the boy escapes, and the dragon persecutes the woman and her offspring.  He calls upon a beast from the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and a beast from the earth, who causes all people to have a mark, to assist him, but seven bowls or vials of judgment are poured out.  As a result, the scarlet woman, called Babylon the Great, who is sitting on the beast of the sea, falls as Christ, called Faithful and True and riding a white horse, leads his armies, clothed with white linen, in victory, and Satan is bound.

Following this, there is a picture of the final judgment, followed by a description of the new heaven and new earth, which John identifies as the holy city, New Jerusalem, beside the river of life with the tree of life, where those who have done God’s commandments can enter through the gates of pearl to walk on the street of gold forever.  Some people think of this book as a kind of roadmap that foretells of specific events in history leading up to the end of time.  However, it is probably better simply to view it as a general portrayal of the overall spiritual battle between good and evil, especially as it played out in the Roman persecution of the early church, with a promise of eternal life for all who would fight the good fight since then.   “Even so, come, Lord Jesus!”


  1. How many seals are there?
  2. How many trumpets are there?
  3. Who is the great dragon?
  4. What are the two beasts which he calls to help him?
  5. What is the scarlet woman on the beast called?
  6. What is Christ riding?
  7. What do Christ’s armies wear?
  8. What is the name of the holy city in the new heaven and earth?

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