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Wells Corner School, Lockport, IL


Wells Corner School

Lockport Pioneer Settlement

100 W. Ninth St.

Lockport, IL 60441

The Will County Heritage Village, formerly known as the Lockport Pioneer Settlement, is a faithfully preserved Will County Historical Society collection of early structures and artifacts in an open air museum.  The main museum (Illinois and Michigan Canal Museum, 803 S. State St., at the beginning of Canal trail) was the headquarters of the I&M Canal Commission, which built the canal where exhibits focus on canal and local history.  The settlement is a group of buildings relocated to the site from around the county, including an 1830’s white oak log cabin, the 1881 Mokena Village Jail, a blacksmith shop, a tinsmith shop, a workshop, the 1856 one room Wells Corner School, the 1863 Wilhelmi smokehouse, a settlement house, the Greenho farmhouse, a lye kiln, a root cellar, the 1881 Symerton railroad Station, and more.





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