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The Heart and Soul Homeschool Mama

The Heart and Soul Homeschool Mama

by Gena Suarez

from Crosswalk Homeschool Newsletter, Monday, September 5, 2011

Paul and Gena Suarez reside in Gray, Tennessee, where they homeschool(ed) their six children: Paul (21), Luke (19), Levi (17), Julia Rachel (14), Susanna Hope (3) and Chloe Abigail (18 months). They enjoy long country drives in the van while listening to books on CD, hanging out with good friends, and staying up late. By the grace of God, the Suarez family publishes The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC.

Gena begins:

I am sitting in a coffee shop today, working away like a busy bee. Lately I’ve had so many emails to respond to, I feel like a hamster on a wheel (the emails are never-ending). I need to create at times, too, not just stay buried in “send and receive” all day long. So I thought I’d put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and write you a letter.

TOS is launching something very new and very special and that announcement will happen next month, hence all the extra email chores and staff working around the clock prior to launch. I won’t share too much here except to say we have an “all-star cast” of new columnists. Don’t worry; we still have the regulars who are sticking around too, like Lab’s Kate Kessler and Deborah Wuehler our prized Senior Editor. But wait till you see who else has just signed on (a bunch of experts/speakers you’ll recognize)—whew, the news will make your jaw drop! More on that later (in a month).

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