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September, 2016, New Testament Stories My Daddy Told Me

September, 2016

New Testament Stories My Daddy Told Me

PAUL IN ROME (Acts 28:11-28)

By Wayne S. Walker

     After spending three months on the island of Malta following their shipwreck, Paul and his company found an Alexandrian ship which had wintered there.  They sailed to Syracuse on the island of Sicily where they stayed three days.  From there, they circled around the toe of Italy’s boot and came to Rhegium.  The next day they arrived at Puteoli where they found some brethren who invited them to spend seven days.  Then they headed towards Rome.

From Rome, other brethren who had heard about Paul came out to meet him as far as Appii Forum and Three Inns.  Their concern gave Paul courage, and he thanked God.  Finally, they made it to Rome.  The centurion delivered the other prisoners to the captain of the guard, but Paul was allowed to dwell by himself with a soldier watching him.  After three days, he called the leaders of the Jews in Rome together to explain to them his situation.

Paul told them how he had been arrested in Jerusalem, was imprisoned at Caesarea, and then appealed to Caesar.  The Jewish leaders replied that they had heard nothing about all this but they were desirous of hearing more from Paul about “this sect…that…is spoken against everywhere.”  A day was appointed and many came to him at his lodging where he taught them the gospel message as the fulfillment of the Old Testament law and prophets.   Some were persuaded while others disbelieved.  Paul closed by quoting a prophecy from Isaiah how that people would harden their hearts, close their ears, and shut their eyes to the truth.  Then they left.


  1. How long did Paul and his company spend on Malta?
  2. When they departed the ship at Puteoli, where did they head?
  3. Who came out to meet them at Appii Forum and Three Inns?
  4. After three days, whom did Paul call together to meet him?
  5. What did these people want to hear more about from Paul?
  6. When Paul taught them the gospel message, what was their reaction?

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