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Aitken School. North Utica, IL


Aitken School:

LaSalle County Historical Society & Museum

101 E Canal St.

North Utica, IL 613731

Beyond the museum parking lot to the east is a one-room school, the Aitken School built in 1865 and furnished with authentic fixtures and accessories. It was originally established as District One in Troy Grove Township in a deed signed by Horace A. Hickok, brother of “Wild Bill” Hickok. It was located south of Troy Grove. A plaque tells of its beginnings. In 1906, the county had 257 one-teacher rural school districts, the largest number existing in any county in the United States at that time. However, by 1946, declining enrollments and requirements for indoor plumbing brought about consolidation and the end of the one-room school era.  Utica’s Unimin Corporation donated the schoolhouse to the LaSalle County Historical Society in 1990. On the right side of the school is the herb garden.





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