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Clothier School, Moore (Oklahoma City), OK

Clothier School, Moore (Oklahoma City), OK


My friend, Scott Esk sent an e-mail to me saying, “If you’re looking for more historically significant schools, we have 1 in OKC called Clothier School, located near SW 149th & either Sunnylane or Sooner (mile apart) in SE OKC.  I ride bike by it often, but have never stopped to check it out.”  Clothier School was built circa 1902.  Education was one of the primary issues for the early settlers of the emerging community of Moore.  The government required Oklahoma Territory to provide education for all children.  In settling the territory, school lands were established on a grid with a location every three miles so that no child would have to walk more than one and a half miles to school.  Perry School was at S.E. 19th and Eastern.  Clothier School was three miles to the east of that; Robinson School was three miles further, etc.  There were 70 sites of school land in Cleveland County.  Two of these one-room schoolhouses, teaching Grades 1 through 8, were in use until 1949.   Through the years, the Clothier School has played several roles in northern Cleveland County.  After being closed as a school, the schoolhouse was used as a polling place and a church.  Bought and renovated by Roy Thein, the rickety building was in such bad shape that the window frames were rotted, and as for the walls, you could have thrown a cat through the cracks.  Today, the Clothier one-room school is the meeting place for the 18-member Cleveland County Clothier Extension Club.




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