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Historic Nemo, SD, Schoolhouse


Historic Nemo Schoolhouse

12743 Nemo Rd.

Nemo, SD 57759

Due to high enrollment, the Nemo School was built in 1926. Students moved into this new building in 1927. It was an exciting event because the new building had modern plumbing and a two furnace heating system. The new school accommodated both grade school and high school students. Grades one through eight were taught in the lower rooms. High school students used the upper level where there was also a library and a science lab. After 1927, Nemo flourished as a town and so did the school. School enrollment and the number of teachers varied. In 1939 when the Homestake sawmill moved out of Nemo, the families gradually moved away and the school attendance dwindled. In the fall of 1970, the Nemo children from 4th grade and above were forced to be bussed to the Lead-Deadwood schools. September 6, 1988, found the Nemo Community once again upset when the lack of students made it possible for the Lead-Deadwood school board to close the school. At the time of closing, there were five students.  The Nemo Schoolhouse was listed on the South Dakota and National Register of Historic Buildings July 17, 1996. Now a bed and breakfast, it has since been restored and elegantly furnished to retain the atmosphere of the original schoolhouse and still maintains its characteristics and charm such as the original slate blackboard and an original table with “lovingly” carved initials.



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