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June, 2016, New Testament Story

June, 2016

New Testament Stories My Daddy Told Me

THE VOYAGE TO ROME (Acts 27:1-20)

By Wayne S. Walker

When it was finally time for Paul to be sent to Italy for his appeal to Caesar to be heard, he and some other prisoners were given to the charge of Julius, a centurion of the Augustan Regiment, and put aboard a ship of Adramyttium.  Paul’s friend Aristarchus from Thessalonica in Macedonia was with him.  They sailed along the coast of Asia to Sidon where Julius permitted Paul to go ashore and see some friends.  From Sidon, they sailed between Cyprus and the mainland, off the coast of Cilicia and Pamphyllia, because the winds were contrary, and came to Myra in Lycia where they changed to an Alexandrian ship headed for Italy.

They sailed from Myra slowly for many days and arrived with great difficulty off a place called Cnidus because the wind was still not permitting them to proceed, so they sailed near the island of Crete off Salmone and came to a harbor named Fair Havens near the city of Lasea where they spent a good bit of time.  Because of the time of year, sailing was now dangerous, and Paul advised them to stay there lest there be disaster with loss of cargo, ship, and even lives.  However, the centurion was persuaded more by the helmsman and the ship’s owner than by Paul.

Because they felt that the harbor at Fair Havens was not suitable to winter in, the majority decided to sail to Phoenix, a harbor on the west side of Crete and winter there.  So when a gentle south wind arose, they thought it was safe to set out.  But not long after, a tempestuous southeast wind called Euroclydon arose and caught the ship in its broad waves.   Running near an island called Clauda or Cauda, they secured the skiff with difficulty and undergirt the ship with cables, but fearing the Syrtis Sands, they struck sail and let the ship be driven by the wind.  The following day, they lightened the ship, and the day after that threw the tackle overboard, but when neither sun nor stars appeared for many days they gave up hope of being saved.


  1. What was the name of the centurion in charge of Paul?
  2. What did the centurion permit Paul to do at Sidon?
  3. What change was made at Myra in Lycia?
  4. To what large Mediterranean island did they come?
  5. What did Paul advise them to do at Fair Havens?
  6. To whom did the centurion listen rather than Paul?
  7. Where did the majority decide to go?
  8. What kind of wind arose and led them to think that it was safe to sail?
  9. What happened shortly after they left Fair Havens?

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