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Old School, Currie, NV


Old Currie, Nevada, School

Currie, NV, in southern Elko County, named for Joseph H. Currie who began a ranch here in 1885, was a stage and freight stop.  Discovery of copper ore bodies in Ely prompted the construction of a railroad from Ely, White Pine County, to the Southern Pacific main-line about 20 miles south of Montello. The newly created town at the main-line was named Cobre, Spanish for copper.  The mid-way station was at Currie.  The first passenger train from Cobre to Currie operated on May 22, 1906.  On March 30, 1908, Earl Reynolds with his newlywed wife Leona began a new telegraph office and railroad agency station at Currie.  In the article “Memories of Currie, Nevada” by Anna Leona Reynolds is the following description of the school:  “My husband wrote to Carson City and was told that 11 children were enough to have a school … The state sent men to build a school not far from the Phalan place.  We could not, by hook or crook, get but nine children, so we imported an Indian, his wife and two children.  That made the 11 needed…The new building turned out to be our civic center for all dances, parties and election boards.  When we had any of these events we just moved the desks out.  It was lovely – a nice building and furnishings for those days.”



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